Chloe – RIP – Abandoned by Her Owners When They Moved

2/22/21 – RIP Chloe. This beautiful girl was abandoned by her owners when they moved. A friend of the rescuer would feed her but noticed that other strays in the neighborhood would beat up on her. The rescuer, Candice, took Chloe in and noticed that she was breathing heavily and after one night in her home, was no longer walking. We were able to get Chloe in to one of our partner vets today and the doctor discovered that Chloe had a huge tumor on her lung. Her prognosis was very dim and it was decided to humanely euthanize her. The rescuer will be with her this afternoon when she crosses the Rainbow Bridge and we will provide for a private cremation so that she can be buried with love when the ground is no longer frozen. May God bless the rescuer and our many veterinarians who generously work with us. – diana
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