12/9/22 – It was early September when a rescue friend, Cortney, whom we’ve helped in the past, contacted me about a beauty she rescued from the streets. She took her (Heidi) into the vet and found out that she was pregnant so Cortney took her home, contacted me as a heads up to ask if we could sponsor everyone when it was time. I said we could as long as we could get everyone into a low-cost clinic. Cortney was sure that Heidi would only have two kittens. Well, she was wrong. Heidi gave birth to six beautiful babies and finally everyone is scheduled to get the ‘works’ in January. This is Heidi and her babies, Mae Mae, Jefe, Latto, Luca, Posty, and Snow.

Because of our supporters, seven cats will never reproduce and that means hundreds of cats (over a lifetime) will never be born to wander and die on the streets. At this time, Cortney tells me that many are already spoken for and will be in homes with plenty of love.

Don’t forget — The Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest where the charity with the most votes will win $20,000! I don’t mean to sound uncaring but the reality is that there are many resources available for humans in need but very few resources for the stray, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs on our streets. Your donations will save lives. – diana.


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Are there any of the kittens left? – Sandy

Any kittens left? – Jen


12/8/22 – It was early October when I was notified that a dear friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart was stricken with a serious illness. Over a 3 week period she had at least 5 surgeries and it was determined that she might not be able to ever care for her fur babies. Consequently, her sister and cousin jumped into action and found homes for everyone but poor little Peanut. Peanut is 11 years old and we all know how difficult it is to find placement for an 11 year old. As Peanut’s buddies were placed, she continued to be unclaimed and then it came down to the last days of the apartment lease. With only 3 days left, Peanut still didn’t have a place to go to and that is when our amazing Board member, Cynthia, came to the rescue. Over the years, Cynthia has taken in elderly orphans and gave them loving homes until their final days. The day she called me to inquire about Peanut she had just lost her second cat in just weeks. Cynthia welcomed Peanut into her home on November 8. We immediately got her into a vet for a check up. She was treated for an ear infection and her mats were cleared. During Thanksgiving weekend, Peanut didn’t seem to be acting like herself and again we arranged her visit to a vet. At that time the doctor found ulcers on her tongue and throat, a fever and she was dehydrated. It could be a virus or kidney issues. Blood tests were done and she was given medications. Today she is returning to our vet for a follow up visit. Please keep Peanut in your prayers. She has been separated from her many buddies, her mom of many years, and moved to a new home but she is a fighter.

It truly takes a Village and can’t tell you how proud I am to be a member of such a powerful network of animal angels. Once again, your donations at work. Please, if you can, help us get to the finish line to win $20,000 by making a Christmas donation with the following link: https://fundrazr.com/c26nsa

**PLEASE NOTE: When donating, YOU CAN opt out of the auto-generated tip or modify it as you wish. The tip is not for the charities in the contest.