12/13/22 – Sassy was scheduled to be euthanized on November 30 at a local municipal shelter. Several people reached out and contacted a rescue organization, LOCRA. Within a few days of being euthanized LOCRA was able to find a foster and saved Sassy from death. The foster noticed a lump on her leg and took Sassy to a vet. After x rays, it was determined that the lump was a tumor, most likely cancerous. The doctor recommended amputation of the leg and felt confident that with the amputation, Sassy could live a long, non-cancerous life. We were contacted for help and because the rescue prefers to work with their own veterinary partner, we agreed to help to the level the surgery would cost with one of our veterinary partners. Sassy is scheduled to have surgery on December 21, 2022. And, because of your donations we are able to give orphans like Sassy a new lease on life, without pain and loved in a furever home.

Please remember that that there are only 2.5 days until the end of the Detroit News Cheer for Charity where we are vying for $20,000! If you can, please donate and save a life. – diana

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12/13/22 – We are so thankful for the many exciting events coming up. First, we still have the Detroit News Cheer for Charity going on which ends at 11:59 am this Friday, December 16, 2022. So, if you can donate to help us win $20,000, please do it before the end date and time. Help us hold the lead!

Next, we have our annual Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Game on January 8, 2023 at 1 pm (doors open at noon). With the Lions showing up as a brand new team, I’m sure this will be an exciting and fun event — as always.

Then in February we plan to have the REAL ‘Show Me the Money’ fundraiser with more details to follow. The November event was a real success and unanimously loved by everyone who attended.

So, we are hoping to see all of our friends during 2023 and praying that we can start 2023, with an additional $20,000 in our bank account!! Thank YOU! – diana

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12/13/22 – Our love. Our commitment to the stray, abused and abandoned animals found frightened, lost, ill and injured without homes or owners.

Autumn was rescued by Michigan State police, found starving, cold and despondent. We jumped into action when they called us for help. We found Autumn a foster home, a reassuring environment for her to decompress and emotionally heal and paid for the veterinarian care she needed. Once healthy, she moved in to her forever home.

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We are in the lead and humbled by the momentum of financial support from our supporters. If you haven’t donated yet, please join in with the others and consider a $10 donation*. Any amount, every amount, has meaning. If you have already donated or if the timing isn’t quite right for you, please share this post on your timeline. We value your support and can’t thank you enough. Our hearts are full. -From, Diana, Gina, the 4 Paws 1 Heart Board of Directors and Team of Volunteers. Thank you!

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As many of you know, The Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest ends at 11:59 a.m. this Friday, December 16. Each and every donation being made during this contest bring us closer to winning the $20,000 gift The Detroit News is graciously giving to the charity that raises the most money.


12/12/22 – Rocky was left behind by his owners who were evicted. He was left without food and water for two weeks before the owner of the home found him. Rocky was skin and bones, very malnourished as seen in the first two photos. She took Rocky, who she thought was about 6-7 months old for a wellness check and learned he was actually 1-2 years old and tested positive for heart worm. That is when we were contacted for help. Rocky was taken to our friends at Comforts Place where Rocky was examined and neutered. Unfortunately, they do not as yet have x ray equipment so Rocky will be going to another partner vet for the x rays and then return to Comfort’s Place for his heart worm treatment. The last two photos are of Rocky since being rescued.

The Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest ends at 11:59 a.m. on Friday, December 16. The donations being made during the contest is allowing us to help dogs like Rocky and if we are fortunate enough to win the $20,000 many more stray and abused animals will be helped during our harsh winter (and hopefully beyond). With just a few days left in the contest, we are in the lead. So thank you so very much and, please keep sharing donating if you can. – diana.

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