12/22/22 -Andy was a TNR that was too sweet to release. He was trapped in Detroit, vetted years ago and adopted out. He was returned to the rescue because the family was “too busy” for him. When he was picked up his mouth was clearly not well. The rescue saw dry blood around his mouth. They took him to All About Animals for a full dental a few months ago and they called to say they couldn’t do it and that it would need to be done at the Flint location. Andy was taken there for the consultation and he now has appointment for December 27.

Luna was from a hoarding situation in River Rouge. The rescue took her on only to discover she had megacolon. They spent $700 on testing, blood work and meds for an ear infection and monthly meds for the megacolon. She has gained weight and is playful and doing well on the meds. But, now she also needs dental for an infected mouth.

The rescue is concerned that they won’t have the funds for future needs with this oncoming frigid weather and asked if we could cover Andy and Luna’s dental treatment. Fortunately, we could say “YES”. Luna is scheduled for January 6.

There will be so many animals facing the frightening weather that is predicted for Michigan. We will all be praying that they can find shelter and we will be available to do what we can to assist with any medical needed. – diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


12/21/22 – Please continue your prayers for our sweet boy, Chance. He has opened his paws too so many special snd orphaned animals. He has been the fur uncle that every stray needs. – diana. [email protected] P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

A Second Chance For Chance

Hey there Team, mom here with the update from Chancies appointment today. So, when we arrived they had already had several emergencies come in that would require surgeries and would not be able to do Chances mri at that time. Dr. Palma did do a thorough exam and gave us his opinions, options and estimates. We discussed leaving him overnight for them to try to do mri tomorrow or make another appt with a drop off time of early morning since there’s bloodwork, xrays and ECG that have to be done prior to mri. We also discussed the possibility of back surgery depending on findings, which I am not wanting to put Chance through.

As we continued to talk about Chances history Dr. Palma said he suspects that an mri findings would not be anything that would be surgical in nature but more going back to his original injury that paralyzed him. So, in the end he said there’s 2 paths of treatment..Surgical and medicinal. So we are going to do a 3wk trial of higher dose of steroid, pain medication, proin, and prozac. He feels that Chances incontinence is tied to pain in his T3 area, that causes him stress which triggers his Cystitis which makes it burn when he urinates so he doesn’t fully empty his bladder becuse it burns which is causing his leaking!

So, for these next 3wks he must stay completely calm. No stress. No jumping on furniture, no stairs, no playing…just rest. If he improves we should be able to keep improving with the right diet and med combo. But…Dr. Palma did say if this is indeed due to his old injury, as he ages he will continue to decline. If he does not improve then we will be back to scheduling the mri. Keeping Chance still for 3wks…that’s going to be interesting.


Please take heed! P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

UPDATE 12/22/22 Latest data shows wind chills below 0 (-10 to -15 possible):

UPDATE 12/21/22 Latest data shows wind chills below 0 (0 to -15 possible):

Make sure kitties can get out of shelters. Blizzard conditions/strong winds can blow snow, blocking entrance.
Michigan colony cat caretakers, it’s time to reinforce your shelters. Thursday evening into Friday and Saturday have high winds and freezing temps swooshing in with a vengeance.
It’s not so much the amount of snow, but the dangerous conditions coming with this particular cold weather snap.
Weight down your shelters/feeding stations or you and the cats likely won’t find them where they’re supposed to be. Up to 60 MPH winds in Metro Detroit.
If you’re relying on electricity, it may go out.
If you can bring them temporarily inside (garage/mudroom), doing so before Friday is a good idea.
Michigan Humane’s Pet Food Pantry offers free straw on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 9 am to 11 am. 6175 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, MI 48208
Always feed about 15% to 20% more in the winter as outdoor animals burn more calories in the cold. Replenishing water since it freezes is important too.
For links to cold weather tips and shelter building plans, check towards the bottom of the Stray Cats page