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UPDATE 12/22/22 Latest data shows wind chills below 0 (-10 to -15 possible):

UPDATE 12/21/22 Latest data shows wind chills below 0 (0 to -15 possible):

Make sure kitties can get out of shelters. Blizzard conditions/strong winds can blow snow, blocking entrance.
Michigan colony cat caretakers, it’s time to reinforce your shelters. Thursday evening into Friday and Saturday have high winds and freezing temps swooshing in with a vengeance.
It’s not so much the amount of snow, but the dangerous conditions coming with this particular cold weather snap.
Weight down your shelters/feeding stations or you and the cats likely won’t find them where they’re supposed to be. Up to 60 MPH winds in Metro Detroit.
If you’re relying on electricity, it may go out.
If you can bring them temporarily inside (garage/mudroom), doing so before Friday is a good idea.
Michigan Humane’s Pet Food Pantry offers free straw on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 9 am to 11 am. 6175 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, MI 48208
Always feed about 15% to 20% more in the winter as outdoor animals burn more calories in the cold. Replenishing water since it freezes is important too.
For links to cold weather tips and shelter building plans, check towards the bottom of the Stray Cats page


12/20/22 – I thought I’d share this perfect Christmas Miracle update. You might remember Rocky (now known as Koa) who was found on the side of the road, an apparent victim of dog fighting. He had wounds all over his body with a tight collar around his neck. The wonderful woman who found him immediately took him to a vet hospital we work with and they treated the wounds but they could not treat what was thought to be a fractured leg. And, with everything else this poor boy must have gone through, he was found to be heart worm positive. The manager suggested that the rescuer contact us for further assistance and she did. Although it was an hour car ride for Rocky and the rescuer, she took him to one of our best vets at Orion Animal Hospital. There it was found that Rocky had a severely infected leg–not a fracture. And with that, the several months of treatment began.

While Rocky and his rescuer were still getting ready to leave, I received a call from Courtney, from Orion Animal Hospital, who also volunteers for a dog rescue. We talked about Rocky and his severe condition. Rocky was also infested with fleas and ear mites. Courtney wanted to offer to foster Rocky but was unsure as to how to approach it. I told her to speak with Rocky’s rescuer while she was still at the hospital. Well, long story short, the rescuer was so thankful she couldn’t help but cry happy tears. She knew she didn’t have the resources or expertise to give Rocky the life he deserved and was so relieved that not only would he be with an experienced dog mom but he would also have the opportunity to be under the expertise of Dr. Zalac and later be adopted out through a great rescue group. SO, that is our Christmas Miracle—all made possible with the donations of our supporters and The Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest. – diana

Read the Detroit News Story of 4Paws1Heart here P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


12/19/22 – This very sweet girl was recently rescued from a municipal shelter. Little did the adopters know that the particular shelter did not vet their animals before they were adopted out. The good people immediately brought Molly to a vet and learned she was Stage 3 heart worm positive. Fortunately, they learned of Comfort’s Place, owned by a great friend, where they started the heart worm treatment. This past Saturday I received a call from our friend and the owner of Comfort’s Place. The injection was very hard on Molly and 3 days after Molly’s injection, Molly lost her bowels and became unconscious. She was rushed to an emergency hospital where she was found to have an embolism and that is when I was called. We were going to assist with the emergency bill but adopters’ deposit took care of that. We offered to cover the rest of the heart worm treatment and associated x rays and any other medical needed in the process. The new parents gladly accepted. Molly will now be on the ‘slow’ heart worm treatment which does not require the injections and we will be there for the family. The clinic’s owner couldn’t say enough good about Molly and her new parents and thankfully, we are able to help. And, today’s update — Molly’s spirits are good and she is glad to be home. – diana.

P.S. A Huge Thank you to The Detroit News and our donors who are helping us to make cases like these happen. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

I’m Molly Moo’s Mom and so very grateful for Comforts Place and 4 Paws. Molly has a chance with a villages help. Thank you! – Julie


12/18/22 – During this weekend of celebration I would like to recognize some of the individuals and businesses who have helped us get to where 4 Paws 1 Heart is today:

Our original creators: Gina DeLuca Jenio, Cheryl Allmacher, Pam Willer, and Jimetta Lewis.

Our Past and Current Board Members: Pam, Gina, Melissa Jeffreys, Cynthia Wojtowycz, Darlene Chiappetts, Denise Najers, Dee Gudenau, Angela Rogensues, Julie VanAmeyde, Lori Jobak, Kim Fuhrman

Our Newly Formed Fundraising Team: Debbie Nelson, Deena Terzo, Carol Nadolski, Shawn Vilk, and Jo Addington, Robert Carsley, (all amazing independent rescuers).

Veterinary Hospitals (past and present): Animal Urgent Care (past), Advanced Animal Emergency, Patterson Veterinary Hospital, Orion Animal Hospital, Center Line Animal Hospital, Five Mile Animal Clinic, Comfort’s Place, All About Animals Rescue, The Paws Clinic, Humane Society of St. Clair, Groesbeck Animal Hospital, Veterinary Medical Hospital, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, and many more around the State who when asked will work with us but not as much on a regular basis as those that I mentioned.

Local Businesses: Pet Supplies Plus (13 Mile and Harper, SCS), Girlie Girls, Kroger, Colleens Irish Pub, Firehouse Pub and Grill, Harbor Lanes, Knotted Needle, Pleasure Zone, Java Junk, Infinity/Ovation Yacht Charters, and so many more who have helped with donated items for our amazing baskets.

AND, of course, to our many rescuers, fosters, adopters,donors, and followers. we wish you a Blessed Hanukkah and Christmas. We will be starting 2023 with a BANG. SALUTE TO OUR VILLAGE!! – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


12/18/22 – A beautiful message from our boy Chance and his mom, Denise. We just want all of our followers to know that the love goes both ways because the many fur orphans who have been given a second chance at life would never have had that without our amazing Village.

For those who are new to 4p1h, check out Chance’s fb page. He went from certain death, paralyzed in a municipal shelter, to being the Feline voice for our organization. Proof that when we work together we can make miracles happen! – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Sweet Dreams Team and Remember…..

Its All About the Love

CHANCE: Ummmm mom, could you please give me a hand here????

MOM: Sure Chance, what are you trying to wrap there?

CHANCE: Its my presents to 4 Paws 1 Heart & all my friends here at Team Chance, Its love mom, my present is love. I want 4 Paws 1 Heart and all my friends on my page to know how much I love them for everything they have done for me, Carla, Bridgette,Twyla, Trixie and all the other kittys & doggys that were saved and are now healthy & happy because 4 Paws & Team Chance loves us!!!!

MOM: Awww Chance, that’s beautiful. But love is not something you can wrap in tissue and put a bow on it. Love is a feeling, something that radiates from your heart. Something that shows by the things you do and the way you treat others. The best way to let people know you love them, is to tell them…and tell them often.

CHANCE: Really mom??? Are you listening 4 Paws 1 Heart??? I LOVE YOU and all the wonderful friends and supporters of 4 Paws 1 Heart…I LOVE YOU!!!!! Are you listening Team Chance & KittysHelpingKittys supporters….I LOVE YOU!!!! Love Chance


We are celebrating 4 Paws 1 Heart’s amazing win of $20,000 in the Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest!

The total donations made were $36,760! With the additional $20,000 gift we will start 2023 with $56,760!

We are speechless and blessed to be a part of such a caring community. THANK YOU! Your support has given many animals a second chance at life.

p.s. Now go out and buy your Detroit News! P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

We can’t say it enough!! Thank YOU


12/16/22 – We wish all of our friends could be here to celebrate 4 Paws 1 Heart’s amazing win of $20,000 in the Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest. We are speechless and blessed to be a part of such a caring community. We thank you and the many fur orphans, who aren’t as lucky as this guy, thank you. You have given a second chance at life to those who have no one. Now go out and buy your Detroit News!

P.S. The total donations made were $36,760!! With the additional $20,000 we will start 2023 with $56,760!! And just a few months ago I thought we might have to shut down. God is Good! P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


12/16/22 – Meet Missy. She was found wandering in a wooded area when the rescuer was hunting. Most people living in rural areas will tell you that they are constantly bombarded by stray dogs and cats who were most likely dumped by their owners. This sweet girl had no identifying information and no one claimed her. Because of the donations of our supporters, we are able to make sure that orphans like Missy are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. And now, because of the Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest and the unbelievable support we’ve received, we can now assist if more critical medical treatment is needed.

We are down to under 1 hour before the contest ends. To say we are all very nervous is an understatement. To think of the number of stray and abused animals we can help with the $20,000 prize makes all of the work and sleepless nights worthwhile. If you haven’t yet and are able to, please make a donation in honor of your fur baby and get us to the finish line.

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12/15/22 – This sweetheart was found near a Lounge in Clare, MI. He had two large wounds–one on his paw and one on his shoulder (too graphic to show). He was unable to put any weight on his leg. His finder thought that he might have been caught in a car engine. While attempts were made to get into a veterinary hospital, the rescuer (whom we’ve helped with TNR) treated the wounds and provided antibiotics in that the wounds appeared to be infected. By the time he had his appointment, the wounds were healing nicely and the doctor gave an injection of antibiotics and x rayed the leg to make sure there were no breaks. He is now doing well and with the independent rescuer. – diana.

Remember that today, 12/16/22 at 11:59 a.m. is the last day for donations to be made during the Detroit News Cheer for Charity contest. My 3 cats are anxiously awaiting the finish in that all of their paws have been crossed since the contest began. Thank you to all who have been so generous and contributed to placing us in the lead–for now. Hopefully tomorrow I will be reporting on a case and celebrating the winning of $20,000! which will be one huge Christmas and New Year present for the many fur orphans in our communities.

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12/14/22 – We now have been asked to help another ‘Rocky’ — also with heart worm+++. And, because of your donations, we are able to help. We are calling him Rocky 2 and here is his story as reported by his rescuer:

“I found a severely injured dog on the side of the road almost three weeks ago. He has severe injuries to all four legs, head, ears, throat, etc… He appears to have been a bait dog. He was crying. For the first several days I’ve been having him treated at Five Mile Animal Hospital. Another lady was giving me penicillin shots for him also to help. He’s been healing up but now they found a fracture in his leg that will require surgery. Are you able to help with this? He’s very sweet. The vet doesn’t have an x-ray but you could feel the fracture and it’s swollen. He’s heart worm positive and he has pain meds and antibiotics. He’s starting heart guard today. I named him Rocky. He’s a blue pit bull around three years old. – Elizabeth”

Our friend at Five Mile Animal Hospital suggested Elizabeth contact us and now Rocky has an appointment at Orion Animal Hospital. There he will get x rays to determine the severity of his heart worm and to determine what will be needed for the fracture in his leg. He will also be neutered and receive any vaccines needed as I’m not sure how much Five Mile was able to do. I’m thankful to the veterinary staffs who are willing to work together to do what is best for the animal in need and of course those good Samaritans who see an animal in distress and don’t turn their backs. Rocky’s appointment is December 19 or sooner if there is a cancellation. Prayers that Rocky’s future will be so much better than his past and that he will be able to live a long life knowing love.

The Detroit News Cheer for Charity ends this Friday, December 16 at 11:59 a.m. Currently we are in the lead but that can change in a moment. Consider giving that special someone who has everything the Gift of Life — just like the life we are all giving back to Rocky. – diana

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