Hoarding Homes – Breed Disease, More Cats, and Injuries

2/17/21 – The challenge of 2020/2021. These cats were all recently removed from ‘hoarding homes”. We understand that people who find themselves in this situation often believe they are helping the animal by taking them off of the streets. But, often they do not have the funds to spay/neuter, vaccinate, or take care of contagious illnesses and then all hell breaks loose. Our rescue friend, Dawn Peters and her group recently rescued these innocent animals and asked for our help in getting everyone tested, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any other issues they may have made. Anyone interested can contact Dawn at: [email protected]
Don’t forget the Valentine Match is still going on. All donations made up to $1,000 will be matched by a very dear friend and animal rescuer. – diana

Shelby – Found With a “Blind Eye” and and Eye Needing Surgery

2/15/21 – 12 week old Shelby, who was surrendered to Streethearts Animal Rescue on February 3, 2021. The person stated that she was found outside and that she could not keep her. Shelby weighed only 10 pounds and should have weighed 15, plus she had a “horrible” blind eye that required enucleation and the other eye has entropion eyelashes (the lashes grow inward, touching the eye). The entropion surgery will have to wait until she recovers from the eye removal, which we covered, and has gained some weight. The doctor did not want to keep her under anesthesia too long. She had the eye removal surgery last week and was kept over night. Shelby is doing well at this time.
There are far too many animals being abandoned, surrendered, or born on the streets with no one to turn to. Thank you to our many supporters and please, don’t forget, that with the generosity of a very good friend, we do have a $1,000 VALENTINE MATCH going on right now. All donations made up to $1,000 over the next two weeks will be matched. – diana

Mindy and Penny – Found on the Streets – Heart Worm Positive

2/8/21 – Mindy and Penny were rescued from the streets of Flint, MI and found to be positive for heart worm. We were happy to sponsor their treatment but, unfortunately, upon getting tested after treatment was completed, they were both found still positive for heart worm. It has been recommended that they be tested again in two months and in the mean time they are being loved and treated with heart worm prevention. In fact, Mindy has been adopted by her foster mom. We will continue to be there for Mindy and Penny should they need additional treatment. Anyone interested in beautiful Penny should contact Streethearts Animal Rescue- diana

Katniss – She Was Left at the Curb to be Picked Up With the Garbage. Look at Her Now

2/7/21 – A great update on our Katniss. She brought tears when I first met her the day after she was rescued and had emergency surgery due to pounds of cloth-like material in her stomach. Read Katniss’ journey on our website. – diana
katniss 2:6:21 katniss w:carrie k 2:6:21 katniss collage-1

“I got to visit Katniss today and it was so nice to see how well she is doing and how much she adores her mommy. ❤

Katniss is a dog that I took into 4 paws 1 heart when I worked at emergency. She was found on the curb stuffed in a baby crate nearly starved to death.
Carrie Krausmann

fostered her for months giving her the love, structure and training she needed to heal. Eventually she was adopted into a loving forever home. 💕 If u click on the link directly below this sentence u will watch the heartwarming video that says it all. – Gina”

Samantha (after and before) – Over One Year in a Shelter After Being Rescued by Gina — Finally in Her Loving Home

1/28/21 – Some of you may remember one of my most memorable rescue situations. Samantha.. ❤ Well, I got to have a quick visit and bring some toys to this beautiful girl today. She has a long sad back story, but now she has a wonderful life and I couldn’t be happier for her. ❤ It was heartwarming to see how happy she is and how well she is thriving. ❤ I’m so glad that her previous owner surrendered her, I heart dog shelter didn’t give up on her until they found the perfect fit, and 4 paws 1heart supporters were able to help with the knee surgeries she required. ❤ This was another one of those cases that truly took a village but all soooo worth it! ❤ – Ginasamantha 1:28:21 samantha

Asher (and others) – Found Very Ill, Unable to Eat Due to an Ulcer in His Mouth, In a Hoarding Situation

1/27/21 – Asher is one of 6 cats rescued the other day. They were living in a hoarding situation where 17 cats need to be rescued. Asher was the only one visibly sick and not neutered. He hadn’t been eating and he was flea infested–his fur felt like he had mange. He was immediately taken to a vet with our authorization and the others will be spayed/neutered/vaccinated/tested — whatever is needed at All About Animals. We have committed to caring for all 17 when they are rescued.
Asher was treated for the fleas and given steroids for the severe flea allergy which also may be responsible for an ulcer found in his mouth. It’s probably why the poor guy wasn’t eating. He was also neutered but because of the steroid treatment, he won’t be vaccinated for two weeks. Asher is the first two photos, and the others are of the cats who will be taken to All About Animals. Two of the females may be pregnant. Also, there are photos of the conditions these poor animals were living in. If anyone is interested in these cats, please contact Keri at: [email protected] – diana
Your donations save lives.

Apollo – Rescued from a Hoarding Situation – 1 Sibling Died

1/25/21 – A CALL OUT for prayers! I was contacted by the owner of one of the veterinary clinics with whom we work closely. We were asked if we could help with this little guy’s medical. He will be starting treatment for FIP which can be deadly. The treatment has been successful but it is expensive and requires a serious commitment from the person caring for the cat. This is Apollo and here is his story:
Apollo was rescued from a hoarding situation where there were 30 black cats amongst a few others. Apollo’s foster family was asked to take him in along with a sister and brother. Unfortunately they only ended up with Apollo and his sister as his brother passed away from wobbly kitten syndrome, and while they were able to find an amazing home for his sister, they fell in love with Apollo and so did their other cat Orion. Apollo began to get sick in the middle of December. Because the family had been out of work due to the pandemic and were also facing human medical issues, they had to wait for their stimulus in order to get Apollo to a vet. But as soon as they received it, they rushed him to the vet. He tested negative for FIV and FeLV and no one could figure out what was wrong so the vet gave him antibiotics and pain meds. A week later he started declining faster and upon taking him back to the vet, he was diagnosed with FIP.
Here are some photos of this handsome boy, one with his buddy, Orion. As we often say, it truly takes a village to care for the abandoned and abused. I’m praying that we can give Apollo a second chance at the life he so much deserves. – diana

Prince – Left to Die on a Chain

1/8/21 – Prince was left to die with a huge chain wrapped around his neck. His rescuer, Amy, had to buy him to save him. He was malnourished, infested with fleas and fly bites, and had a severe rash around his neck. Two days ago he tested positive for heart worm. His rescuer has been working with him to build his trust and his treatment will start asap. Here he is in his new sweater complements of a 4 paws1heart supporter. A little prayer for his full recovery would be appreciated. – diana

Baby Girl – A Victim of a Hit and Run is Out of the Hospital

12/31/20 – A Happy Update! Baby Girl left emergency yesterday morning and spent the night sleeping next to her rescue mom. You might remember that Baby Girl is the victim of a hit and run. She suffered trauma to her lungs which resulted in vomiting blood, trauma to her bladder which resulted in blood in her urine, and trauma to her hips and back legs resulting in bruising and pain when walking. Baby Girl also is suffering from road rash. She is now safe in her new temporary home being treated for pain and the road rash. She is being well fed, and is now warm and loved. As so often is the case in the City, no owner could be located. She will be up for adoption when she has healed.
And, as a tumultuous 2020 ends, I would again like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing people in our community who give up so much of their lives to save animals, our professional and caring veterinary staffs who work with us, and, without whom we could do nothing, our very generous supporters. In a year when so many were out of work, shut down, or facing illness, we were able to give help to more animals than ever before in any one year. The Board of 4 Paws 1 Heart and I wish everyone of you a 2021 filled with much love, laughter, and good health. God’s blessings to all. – diana