Mustang Love…who is ready???

HELP HELP – We thought our little Mustang (10 weeks old and treated after being hit by a car) had found a home but, alas, it fell through. If you want to give this little bundle of joy a home, please contact Gina at [email protected] ~ diana



Whose going to come get me and all my cuteness???

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7 thoughts on “Mustang Love…who is ready???

  1. we just had to put our tuxedo mugsy to sleep due to cancer…my hubby is looking for another tuxedo…..would like to know more about Mustang…

    • P.S. I’m so sorry about your Mugsy. It is always horrible to lose a family member. May he rest in peace. ~ diana

    • I’m sorry that I missed your message. I hope I’m not too late. Mustang is still looking for his forever home. Please call Gina at 586-383-3282. Thank you!

    • Hi Janet,
      Mustang did get his forever home. There are other cuties I have been posting who have been born outside. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] I’m sorry for the late response but we are in a transition mode with this website. Thanks,

      • We thought that Mustang had his forever home but it fell through. If you are still interested, please call Gina at 586-383-3282. Thanks! diana

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