Helpling Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue.

We very much appreciate the help of Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue. Not only have they’ve been instrumental in assisting me in St. Clair Shores with the TNR issue and needs, they continue to rescue domesticated cats. We are happy that because of our friends who continue to attend our fundraisers, we are able to ‘share the wealth’ with our rescue friends. Here are a few of their stories. ~ diana

“Grace had her eye removed yesterday due to a virus that destroyed her cornea.

Grace’s brother Will is scheduled to be neutered and examined under anesthesia next week for a “head tilt”- we are hoping it’s simply a congenital defect.

We are also taking our diabetic love bug Rusty into the vet weekly for “curve tests” as his diabetes is still completely uncontrolled and it has also been discovered that he has an infection- most likely due to his prior inability to fully empty his bladder which resulted in bacteria forming in his bladder.”



Mr. Duchane accuses the cities who have agreed to work with the County Shelter (that would be St. Clair Shores) as WEAK — No, Mr. Duchane, St. Clair Shores is NOT weak — The leaders of St. Clair Shores decided they could save taxpayer dollars by NOT paying for cats to be euthanized. The Strong City of St. Clair Shores recognizes the important role that animals play in the environment and in people’s lives. AND, Mr. Duchane, to think that your Animal Control Officers can identify who is a scared cat or a feral cat is ridiculous and to believe you will find rescues, who are already overwhelmed with cats because you won’t support a FREE program to spay and neuter, is foolish and unrealistic. And, Mr. Duchane, no where in your very ‘informative’ statement do you address the cost of killing the cats who will be considered feral — smokescreen, Mr. Duchane? I think so because you don’t want your residents to know that what you (and the other 3 cities) are doing is supporting the death march of innocent animals.

I don’t think any of the cities in this murderous coalition cared so much about saving money as much as they cared about not working with the County Shelter and those organizations working with the shelter. Unfortunately, they could not look beyond the ‘threats’ to do what was right for the animals and the community. Do I like to see stray animals outside? No, but I can no longer stand the thought of letting our cat population continue to grow without trying something different from killing and that is spaying and neutering. The rate of killing cannot keep up with the birthrate of cats or there wouldn’t be 18,000 cats roaming Detroit or who knows how many in the cities identified.

One last comment to these cities of Warren, Eastpointe, Sterling Heights, and Roseville–let me know how your rat problem is once this winter is over. And, by the way, I hope your residents don’t have too many of their dogs die of Lepto which is spread through rat urine.

Please Try to Make a Difference

Please try to make a difference and contact your communities about this disgusting practice of inhumane treatment to innocent animals. Keep in mind that the cities of Sterling Heights, Warren, Roseville, Eastpointe, and St. Clair Shores do not allow free roaming animals or TNR programs. Consequently, all cats being brought to the County shelter by animal control officers are being euthanized. In other communities where trap/neuter/release is allowed, the cats are being spayed/neutered and returned to the community from which they came. Let’s educate and not kill. AND, if you have a rodent problem in your community, maybe TNR is a better alternative over placing poison traps in backyards at the cost of thousands of dollars (I believe St. Clair Shores is planning to spend $1 million in rat abatement) ~ diana

A neighborhood in Harper Woods is thanking Harper Woods police Friday night, after traps were finally set for the growing number of feral cats. They say one particular neighbor kept feeding the cats, causing them to keep living at the abandoned home next door.

Cass Corridor Cat Colony

4 Paws 1 Heart received a call for help from the Cass Corridor Cat Colony group needing emergency help for 3 kittens. Unfortunately, one kitten didn’t make it. Here’s a photo of the two surviving kittens. The kitten wearing a cone will need his eye removed. ~ gina

There are so many cats and kittens on our streets and they get such little attention from the media and others in the community. An article that I recently read quoted a feral colony volunteer as saying there are an estimated 20,000 roaming cats just in Northville alone. We must spay and neuter. ~ diana

Feed, Rescue, Foster, Adopt

As we begin 2013 I would like all of our friends to consider the plight of our felines. For some reason when a puppy mill is raided, everyone comes to the rescue. Every qualified dog gets a home and treatment. BUT when a cat hoarder is discovered, no one seems to care. There are no news stories and hundreds of people looking to help and donate their time and money. Why is that??? For some reason people seem to think it’s ok for cats to be on the streets but not dogs. Because they are small and of little threat to humans, people seem to ignore the problem of homeless cats. Did you know that the kill rate for cats in most shelters is around 90% while the kill rate for dogs is around 60%. Why is that?? Cats are loving and beautiful and require very little. A warm bed, a bowl of food and water, and a litter box. I ask all of you to please make a difference in the life of a cat, they also need you. ~ diana
Some would say she’s a crazy cat lady!… we’d say she is a kind soul…it’s just a matter of love ♥

Charlottes Two Stray Cats




A facebook friend, Charlotte Yakima, rescued two stray cats from an area by the McNamara International Airport. They were seen with a feral community but appeared to be more domestic than feral and were being bullied by the ferals.   Charlotte and 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for the neutering/spaying, vaccinations, and testing and now these sweethearts need a permanent home.  Please share an help Charlotte find them a home.  Otherwise, Charlotte will follow the protocol she learned at All About Animals Rescue and place the cats outside to live as feral cats.  The female is a light grey and peach on face and body; her tail is a little darker and ringed like raccoon. The black male is approximately 3 years old.

The Paws Clinic for TNR Friends

4P1H is not only about helping the living but doing everything we can to reduce the number of stray cats being born. Consequently, we have set up an account with The Paws Clinic for use by our TNR friends for use in neutering/spaying. There are hundreds of thousands more cats being born and living ‘invisibly’ in neighborhoods with life expectancies of less than 3 years. The issues of stray/abandoned dogs and cats are very different and we never want to lose sight of the need to make a difference in the feline world. ~ diana