Click on Detroit – Rescue Groups Not Giving Up

9/24/13 – Click On Detroit picked up an edited version of a press release from Detroit Bully Corp including the many rescues and animal advocacy groups (like 4P1H) who are working TOGETHER to make a difference. ~ diana

Detroit made internationals headlines when Bloomberg News reported as many as 50,000 stray dogs are roaming …
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Meet Nia

7/11/13  More help for our rescue friends who help us so much when a sick or abandoned animal comes our way. Meet Nia. Nia lost an eye as a result of her owner using an inexpensive flea treatment. She has been through a lot but thankfully when Tigerlily received the call from the veterinary’s office advising that her owner had surrendered her. Tigerlily, once again, came through. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we could help with her medical bills. Anyone interested in adopting this sweetheart should contact Tigerlily Cat Rescue. ~ Diana

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Diamond and Michigan Cat Rescue

4 Paws 1 Heart works with rescue organizations by helping them with medical bills. When we read about Diamond, we knew we had to help. Here is her story from the Michigan Cat Rescue: ~ diana

“Diamond had a mass on her abdomen and was very sad at the shelter; nobody would adopt her and her time was up.
She was a stray, trying to survive on the streets. She suffered from a horrible flea infestation that’s why most of her hair was missing. By the way, she is already declawed…she was living out on the streets this way…how sad is that?

Fortunately, the mass was not a tumor but a hernia which was repaired and now she is healing and will be looking for her forever home.”

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Johnny & Misfit Angels Rescue

July 18, 2013:  Your donations enable us to help little guys like Johnny and the great rescue groups who continue to save animals every day. Johnny can be found with Misfit Angels Rescue and it was our pleasure to help him with his medical bills. Here is Johnny’s story from our friends at Misfit Angels Rescue. ~ diana

“Misfit Johnny 13 weeks
Misfit Johnny & his litter mates were born as an accidental litter! They are American Bulldog / Plott Hound mixes! They were full of worms & had upper respiratory infection! They are all in foster homes & are doing great! They are ready for their furever homes. Johnny is a little shy & laid back but warms up quickly. He is being crate trained & potty trained. And he will use the potty pads in the house. If you are interested in a Misfit and would like to complete a applications please

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Congrats to Missy

5/7/13 – A report from our good friends at NBS regarding our little Missi ~ diana


CONGRATULATIONS TO MISSY who found her fur-ever home with the fantastic Giannosa Family!!

Missy came to NBS Animal Rescue from our very good friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart. Missy was hit by a car and her owners could not afford to treat her extensive injuries so 4 Paws 1 Heart offered to treat Missy’s injuries and give her a second chance at a healthy happy life. Missy had to have her eyeball removed the day after the accident, her bottom jaw wired together, and had some trauma to her hind end as a result of the car accident. The amazingly awesome Gina took care of this sweet baby day and night as she recovered from her surgeries.

Once Missy was well enough to leave the ER vet hospital, she came into one of our experienced medical foster homes and spent several weeks recovering from her medical concerns and learning how to function with limited vision. It was while Missy was recovering from her injuries from the accident that Tina Giannosa contacted NBS Animal Rescue about making Missy a part of their family. Missy’s foster parents were so very excited to introduce her to the Giannosa family as in the weeks since her initial surgery Missy had started to blossom into a playful, happy, energetic, loving little girl.

The Giannosa Family was so incredibly welcoming to Missy and to our volunteers! Both of Missy’s human siblings took extra special care to move slowly around her at first and to avoid petting her surgical site on the right side of her face. They had toys already for her to chase, a soft bed for her to sleep on, and were smitten by the little ball of white fur who romped around their house and crawled in their laps for ear scratches and belly rubs!

Missy wasted no time making herself at home! She found the water bowl, checked out all of the rooms in the house, went on a walk in the yard behind her house, whipped around squeaky toys, chased tennis balls, and really turned on the charm for her new family. Our volunteers said it was such a heartwarming experience to see Missy so happy and comfortable with such gentle, caring, and compassionate people.

Despite the best of care, Missy required a second surgery on her eye to correct an issue with her tear duct. The Giannosa Family dilligently kept in contact with Missy’s foster mom and dad to make sure she was healing properly and doing well counting the days until she could come and live at their house. It was all smiles and tail waggs when Missy was reunited with the Giannosa Family after she had healed!!

We’re happy to share the following e-mail we recently received from Tina as Missy’s trial adoption comes to a close:

“As for having Missy in our home, she is pure joy! When I saw her story i couldn’t pass her up. She deserved a good life and I believe we where the family to give it to her. She is perfect in our eyes. She loves to cuddle on the couch and likes to sit on anyones lap. She runs laps when we get home from being out and makes us laugh when she “kills” her stuffed animal.

My son was the choosen one that she sleeps with and rightfully so as he has also overcome a rough beginning being that he was born 1lb 10oz. We didnt give up on him and wanted the same for her. Thank you so much for doing what you do, i would love to volunteer for any of your events. You are special people.

The Giannosa Family”

We can’t begin to thank our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving her life, our friends at Bingo Pet Salon for being so gentle and having so much patience with her for grooming, and especially the Giannosa Family for opening their hearts and home to Missy.

Welcome to the NBS Family Giannosa Family! Happy Tails Missy – we look forward to many happy updates, pictures, and stories! — with Diana Rascano and Gina DeLuca.”

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Please share. This is our April who was rescued and then found to have Parvo. She made it through that and now needs her forever home. Look at this sweetheart!!! Please contact our good friends at A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue if you’ve just fallen in love. ~ diana
April…. In a nutshell! Lol this girl takes napping to a whole new level!! April is looking for her fur-ever family! We cannot believe that no one has claimed this kid yet?! Please share to help her find her people! If you’re interested in April, please email
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Again, thanks to all of our supporters and those who attended the “Disco in the D” and the phenomenal generosity of Colleen’s Irish Pub, 4 Paws 1 Heart is able to help little Niles who was rescued by our good friends at Loveabull Paws Rescue. He is still in the hospital but is holding his own (although he could use your prayers and positive energy). Here is his story: ~ diana

“Niles is a five week old male St. Bernard/Blue Heeler mix orphan pup. We got his litter of eight from the shelter at a week old and have bottle fed them. Niles is the runt of the litter but has been a fighter. He only weighs 1.7 pounds and in the past few days his health has been declining. He went to the vet today and is severely anemic due to such a bad infestation of tape worms and round worms. His body temperature is low and he is dehydrated. They are keeping him for a few days, stabilizing, doing blood transfusions, deworming, and IV fluids. “

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