From the Mutts of Motown

11/1/13 From our very good friends at Mutts of Motown:

Thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for contributing to our enormous vet bill. The month of October was pretty expensive for our little rescue!! These are just two of the dogs we helped last month and trust me they’re all so worthwhile!! Tinkerbell is a teacup chihuahua who was found on the streets of Detroit by a nice rescuer and brought to us. Tests indicate she has permanent hair loss due to something called alopecia and is quite old. She’ll be needing a lot of teeth pulled as soon as she’s healthy enough too. Our big puppy, Buford, came to us with a major dent in his head. Our vet doubts this was any type of accident and thinks it looks to be done by a tool such as a hammer or shovel. Buford was treated for mange, dewormed, fully vaccinated, and thoroughly checked for brain damage. He’ll be neutered soon as his weight is much better. His emergency foster family told us recently they plan to adopt him. In each case we were full, and short on funding. Our rescue operates on love for our mutts most of the time. We have many seniors who are probably not going to be adopted, but are loved and happy in their foster homes. Our rescue is about these forgotten, mistreated, and lost sweethearts. We are so thrilled to have the support of 4 Paws 1 Heart and are grateful to be associated with such a great organization. Without you and others like you, we would not survive nor could we support the needs of the next bald chihuahua or dog with severe head injury.
Thank you, with love,
The Mutts of Motown

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