Kennedy Needs Puppy Prayers

2/19/13 ¬†HELP–Prayers and Rescues Needed: Kennedy is in need of some major puppy prayers. She is 13 weeks old, 13 pounds, and trying to fight off Parvo virus. Her owner decided to breed pit bulls because he thought he could sell them to make money! However, he didn’t learn the first time when 4 puppies died a slow suffering death one after another from parvo. He decided to breed again and this happens to be a litter of 6! He has no money to care for any of the puppies and I’m afraid that they are all going to die. I’m so sick of watching puppies die as a result of stupidity because people have no value on a living creature! If anyone is in a position to help any of the rest of the litter please let me know ASAP at Gina

2/22/13 ¬†UPDATE ON Kennedy: I’m so happy to post that our Parvo pup has almost made a 100% recovery. Today she has pep in her step and she began to eat and keep it down. We are looking now for someone to foster her for a rescue group or take her into a rescue. She is about ready to go! Thank all for your puppy prayers! Aggressive medical treatment helped her live!! ~ Gina
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