Kennedy Needs Puppy Prayers

2/19/13  HELP–Prayers and Rescues Needed: Kennedy is in need of some major puppy prayers. She is 13 weeks old, 13 pounds, and trying to fight off Parvo virus. Her owner decided to breed pit bulls because he thought he could sell them to make money! However, he didn’t learn the first time when 4 puppies died a slow suffering death one after another from parvo. He decided to breed again and this happens to be a litter of 6! He has no money to care for any of the puppies and I’m afraid that they are all going to die. I’m so sick of watching puppies die as a result of stupidity because people have no value on a living creature! If anyone is in a position to help any of the rest of the litter please let me know ASAP at [email protected]~ Gina

2/22/13  UPDATE ON Kennedy: I’m so happy to post that our Parvo pup has almost made a 100% recovery. Today she has pep in her step and she began to eat and keep it down. We are looking now for someone to foster her for a rescue group or take her into a rescue. She is about ready to go! Thank all for your puppy prayers! Aggressive medical treatment helped her live!! ~ Gina

Update on Mobile Home Kitties at Tigerlily

2/6/13 Update on the Mobile Home Kittens from our friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue. Please continue to pray for the remaining. Although the initial rescuer thought she was doing these cats a favor by bringing them into her home, the conditions were ripe for infectious diseases to run rampant to the point at which those with the weakest immune systems, succumbed to the deadliest. Here is the update ~ diana

“Hi Diana, sad news… we lost the little orange bobtail last night. He was the first one admitted, and in addition to the panleuk symptoms, was also showing elevated ALT/SGPT (liver) on blood work that they hadn’t yet determined the reason for. He had been the one with the consistently higher temps and when the fever finally broke, his temp plummeted to 98. He went into cardiac arrest around 6pm. They had been able to initially get the heart beat back, but it was fading and they could not get him to breathe on his own…. we had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep….
The other two that are still in the hospital, as of 2am this morning, are holding normal body temps and blood glucose levels. and are both eating some, so we are hopeful.
Of the 4 at the foster home, 2 are showing no signs, 1 has to be coaxed to eat but then will on her own, 1 we are concerned about – but he did hold down the syringe fed food and is holding down the antibiotics. He is getting subcutaneous fluids once a day. He will go into the vet if he stops holding down food and meds or shows any other negative changes. The foster reported all were playing late last night.
Just wanted to give you an update, as I know you have a lot invested in these kitties too… Sometimes we just cannot win the fights but we will keep fighting. Tigerlily Cat Rescue”

Kittens with Feline Distemper

These kittens were 5 of 13 cats in a mobile home. 4P1H has paid to neuter and spay 7 of them and Tigerlily Cat Rescue has taken them into their organization.

UPDATE:On February 3, 2013, Tigerlily Cat Rescue informed me that all 7 kittens have contracted the Panleukopenia Virus which is highly contagious and deadly. It is very often called “feline distemper”. It is within the same family of viruses as parvovirus in dogs and operates similarly — diarrhea, vomiting, fever, dehydration, lack of appetite, etc. It is not often seen because it is the “P” in the “RCP” vaccines that cats get. Like parvo, there is no “cure” and its a matter of supportive care with IV fluids, antibiotics, etc. and hoping that their little bodies can fight it off. Three of the cats were immediately hospitalized and are in serious condition; the other four are being treated at home. Please say your prayers for these babies; they have been through so much already. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be sending some medical dollars for their care but the hospital bill will be pretty substantial. ~ diana

Eight Week Old Sammi, Dying

September, 2011 – Sammi, approximately 8 weeks old, was brought into the clinic dying. Her owner brought her in to be euthanized but the staff felt she could be saved. The owner surrendered her to 4 Paws 1 Heart. She was in and out of the hospital for several days with a high fever and infection requiring I.V.’s with antibiotics and fluids. After being treated for Parvo and fostered by Gina for about 5 weeks, it was discovered that she had an unusual fracture in her cervical vertebrae. It might have been an injury that she had come in with but because of the Parvo, She wasn’t presenting pain from the fracture. A neck brace was put on her and she was on restricted activity for another 3 weeks.

Sammi after discovery of the fracture

October 24, 2011 – Sammi is doing much better but will need the brace for another 3 weeks. She will be going to the Metro Area Animal Adoption Agency who will put her up for adoption when she is ready.

Sammi at Christmas; now with her mom, Dori
Christmas, 2011 – Sammi is now in the loving home of Dori.