10/21/13 – I’M IN LOVE WITH SEBASTIAN (now named Spooky) BUT….Gina brought over Spooky this afternoon and what a little Loverbug. He spent two hours on either my shoulder, in my arms, or on a blanket being petted by me. His markings are unbelievable and he loves other animals. PLEASE SHARE, we need to find this sweetheart a home. ~ Diana

Dewey Update

10/21/13 Dewey Update: He just got out of surgery about an hour ago (1:30 am) and he was waking up when I left.. Dr. Maddy Lutz came in on her own time and did an unbelievable job! His liver was adhesion to his heart and his diaphragm had a huge hole in it. The doctor literally had his heart in her hands and surgically dissected the abnormal tissue away from it, and because his chest was opened this surgery requires someone to breath for him until the chest is closed. This was a very risky surgery especially on a tiny 11 week old kitten, and these were congenital deformities. Dewey is truly a “miracle”, and I’m so honored we are able to give him this chance at life. The next 48 hours of recovery are very critical, so please keep prayers going for him. Again, thank you Dr. Lutz for doing this surgery and Dr. Maria Rivera for helping. You are the best! If he makes it through this he will make a very special addition to someones family:) This pic was just before he went into surgery. Gina