Meet Duke

10/23/13 – MEET DUKE — This handsome, sweet boy is 15 weeks old, his owner accidentally ran him over with his car. Duke suffered injuries to his chest and he suffered injuries to his right rear leg that was broken very badly. His injury will require amputation surgery which we would like to get done as soon as possible because he is in a lot of pain. Since Duke is going to be a large breed dog and he has a lot of growing to do he will need a special home; one where they will be conscious of his weight. He would also benefit from some hydro- therapy post operatively. Without our financial assistance this puppy would not have gotten a second chance because the owner chose not to keep him due to the injuries. Duke will have his surgery tomorrow morning with Dr. Balaj. Prayers and financial help for his surgery and therapy is much appreciated. ~ Gina

10/24/2013 – DUKE: Duke was transported to a specialist last night by our good friend, Michelle, of A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. The doctors want to wait until Duke’s injuries heal a little more before doing any exploratory surgery to determine what might be the next course of action with his leg. They think they can do this tomorrow. We will surely keep everyone updated. Again, prayers and positive energy are always helpful.

Dewey Keeps Fighting

10/23/13Our little Dewey keeps on fighting day by day to recover from his surgery. I am so happy to report that as of this morning he was doing much better! Please remember that he is on some pretty good post op pain medication in this video. ♥♥ gina

10/24/2013 – DEWEY: Unfortunately, although Dewey is holding his own it still is not clear whether he will be able to get through this very serious operation. He is eating and drinking on his own but he can’t seem to balance himself. Please continue your prayers and positive energy for the very sweet boy.