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Support 4 Paws 1 Heart and have a fun night at the Token Lounge. Meet Gina and some of our Board members, our cousins, The Warhorses, who will be playing first, and the gang from Raw Radio X. ~ diana

Action Needed

ACTION NEEDED TO BAN GAS CHAMBERS IN MICHIGAN. SB 354 PASSED THE SENATE! ON TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! This is a photo of two (of 4 kittens) who were rescued by a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart three years ago. They were being euthanized in one of the State’s shelters which still use gas chambers. Can you imagine the horror of being gassed and remaining alive while all of the others around you are experiencing a slow and painful death. PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOMORROW AND MAKE A CALL. ~ DianaA quick phone call or email makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE for Michigan Shelter Animals!

Dear Friends of Animals,

SB 354, “Grant’s Bill” to end the use of gas chambers in Michigan animal shelters, passed out of the full Senate overwhelmingly with a 37-0 vote! IMPRESSIVE! Now SB 354 goes to the House of Representatives. SB 354 was assigned to the Local Government committee. Your polite calls are now needed to Representative Amanda Price (chair of Local Gov. Committee). Ask Representative Price to please hold a hearing for SB 354 to ban gas chambers in Michigan animal shelters.

Representative Amanda Price
N-1193 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-0838
Fax: (517) 373-9830
Email: [email protected]

Next, will you also contact your Representative and ask them to support SB 354? You can find your Representative and contact information at
All you need to say is, “I am a constituent, and would like to ask Representative ______ to please vote yes on SB 354 to end the gassing of Michigan’s shelter pets.”

For more info and talking points please visit:

Thank you for your support & for helping to end the use of gas chambers in Michigan!

Michiganders for Shelter Pets

Prayers Needed for Connor

10/7/13 – As always, 4 Paws 1 Heart is blessed to know such great rescue organizations and to have such generous supporters who give us the ability to help with medical treatment. Please pray for Connor who was rescued from horrific conditions and then found to have lepto (contracted from rat urine). ~ Here is Connor’s story from our friends at Home Fur-Ever Animal Rescue ~ diana
“Here is the latest update from Connor’s foster dad Joe. We would also like to send a HUGE thank you to all the generous people that read about Connor and has donated to his medical care, we are very greatful to have such awesome caring fans on our page supporting our efforts to help these animals. Once again, our wonderful friends 4 Paws 1 Heart has graciously sent $300 to the vet to help pay for Connors medical bills. PLEASE take a moment to click on the link and like their page. They have helped HFE and MANY other rescues as well as abandoned animals with medical funds.Kind of a bittersweet update, as he has come so far, yet he still has so far to go. We actually got to hang out for about 3 hours, as I think there was a shift change and they forgot about us somehow. I was very excited to hear he was out of isolation and could visit me in the normal exam room. However, they are still waiting on his lepto results.Anyway, he walked in under his own power and he was very excited to see me. I couldn’t believe how good he looked compared to last time. However, that must have been the extent of his energy, because he soon crashed into my lap. I told him how proud I was of him, and how good he is doing. And of course about all the wonderful people thinking of him and praying for him. Every so often, he would get up and take a few shaky steps, looking back at me as if to say “Look how strong I am now, Dad.”

I got to speak with the doctor as well. He said that for only being there a few days, he has really improved. His kidney functions are still higher than normal, but they are steadily dropping. He has been responding to treatment for lepto since Day 1. He was quick to remind me though that things could still go either way. His kidneys may be fatally damaged; it is still too early to tell. Connor has lost a lot of weight and his steps are unsure. He sways a little when he stands. For all the progress he’s made, its clear that he still has a long road ahead of him. He didn’t end up eating the food I brought him, but the doctor said they’ll mark it and save it for him in the fridge. I also brought him a new tshirt.

We spent the rest of the time curled up on the floor together. He eventually fell asleep in my arms and drifted off into dreams (doing the “chasing rabbits” bit). I could only imagine he was dreaming of being back home with the pack playing in the yard. I
took some new photos, he’s more alert and hopeful in these pictures, but his struggle and weight loss is apparent as well. I’ll get the photos up as soon as I can, but that probably won’t be til tomorrow evening.

Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Connor still needs them more than ever.”