Growing Medical Need for Stray and Abandoned Cats

There is a growing medical need for stray and abandoned cats. With cold weather coming on, the situation will just get worse. As a friend of A Hopeful Heart, I read Melanie’s post and knew we had to help. This little sweetheart reminded me too much of our sweet Keller and Snickers and I couldn’t turn away. It appears she has an eye missing and a threatening infection in the other. Here is Melanie’s story:

“This random guy walked up to me, shoved it in my hand and told me he just found it. When I looked at it I thought the eye was just swollen but one is completely missing and the other one is bulging out and there is a yellow crust on it. It is not good at all.” ~ Melanie

Please pray for this sweet baby and if there are any people amongst our friends who can adopt or foster cats, please let us know. There are so many. ~ diana