Tiki Needs Help!

Help needed! This adorable little kitten was found stuck inside of a tiki torch for almost 2 days. He was brought into emergency last night by Good Samaritan. I took him in under 4paws1heart, but I need someone to take this baby home today and make sure he is eating good around the clock. If you can help please let me know as soon as possible he is about 4 weeks old, and eating formula with canned food by syringe.. gina

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One thought on “Tiki Needs Help!

  1. Can you Facebook me about Tiki please. Let me know if she’s still in need of fostering or adoption. Is she still being syringe fed or is she eating on her own? A general update Gina would be great. And how is Dewey? I really want to help out with a kitten so if you can let me know I’d appreciate it. Thanks Jen

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