Courtney – Enjoying a Frosty Paws

1/26/15 – Courtney Update – Here is what we know — Courtney likes Chicken Shack, she loves car rides, she wants to stay close to her human; it’s like she is afraid she will be abandoned. And, she waits for her food. We also know that she likes her doggy frozen treats that Auntie Di picked up from our very good friends at the Macomb County Food Warehouse. She is such a little doll; it truly is unbelievable to me how anyone could have done what they did to her. ~ dianaCourtneyenjoyingherdoggieicecream

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5 thoughts on “Courtney – Enjoying a Frosty Paws

  1. Hi Diana!
    Just wondering…..we live up here in Alaska and saw Courtney’s story via “Bark Post”. As owners of a wonderful Pittie it’s hard to imagine someone abandoning her tied up behind a store in the wintertime. What’s wrong with these people? Sign of the times I supoose……..but anyway, if we wanted to contribute to her treatment/recovery where would we send the $$?
    I hope she’ll have a happy home to live in soon. No dog deserves what happened to her. Thanks for saving her!


    • Hi Pete,
      I always thought our website messages come to me via e mail, but, I was wrong. I found your message today and thought I would respond. Courtney has been doing well. She was adopted out but the home did not work out and she went back to Melanie, the founder of A Hopeful Heart. Courtney continues to be with Melanie’s family and she has become the shadow of Melanie’s disabled son. So many animals are so abused by sub humans. Thank you for writing. ~ diana

  2. Heaven bless this dog….. Thank you so much for taking care of her and helping her heal.

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