HERCULES – Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy For Pets

Remember “Hercules”? His previous owner in Eastpointe not only starved him but he intentionally broke both of his back legs above the knees because he got into the garbage. This happened almost 3 years ago. Hercules couldn’t walk, but used his front legs to carry his weight. The owner got 1 year non-reporting probation and a misdemeanor. He wasn’t allowed to have a dog for 1 year, but now he can own a dog because that year is up. Disgusting. Hercules was adopted by Dr. Tari Kern who worked with him endlessly, and now he can walk and run! He was given a 2nd chance because of her passion for what she does for a living. Many animals are put down due to injuries, but there is hope with Dr. Kern! Her patients are not there for annual check up’s, they are there for rehabilitation therapy. The work she and her staff do should be recognized because they are giving injured animals a chance. There is homework, training, commitment, and an outlined plan depending on the condition of the animal. Please share what she is doing because you might save a life by letting others know that Dr. Kern is here to help. Thank you


2/18/15 – 2/19/15 – Another shout out to Dr. Tari Kern and Hercules. Thank you so much for helping us tell the 4 Paws 1 Heart story by joining us for the Leadership Macomb Leadership Day. Once again, our boy, Hercules stole the show. Dr. Kern, you are the best and Hercules, we love you. ~ Aunt Dihercules2:18:15herculesanddianaat LM2:18:15Herculesatleadershipmacomb2:18:15

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