Mikey and Zorro – Rescued in a Cat Community

8/19/17 – Happy New Beginnings

“On to MORE good news, Mikey and Zorro aka Charlie and Frankie are with their new Mom Heather Ann! These boys definitely know who their mom is and purred like crazy the moment we brought them back to their home! Couldn’t be happier for you three. Thank you to Charlotte Yakima for trapping these guys and for giving them a chance. I was worried about Zorro for a moment, because he was scared and lashing out when we got him. Now he’s the biggest lover ever. Love is all they need and they’ll thrive. Here’s proof! Thank you to Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart for covering their medical bills. Once again thank you to anyone who shares my posts. Your selflessness is not unnoticed. It takes a village and if you look at these happy boys and happy lady, you’ll see why! Thank you! Heather, thank you for choosing to adopt. Heathermikey and zorro 8:19:17Mikeymikey and zorro

Bones – Very Ill and Rescued by a Homeless Person

8/18/17 – Please pray for Bones. He was rescued by a homeless person last Saturday morning at around 1 am. Erica called me later in the morning and Bones was taken to the emergency hospital. He was treated there and then Erica took him home to nurse him. She has done a phenomenal job but the upper respiratory infection was just too severe to save his eye. I can’t praise enough, people like Erica, who drop everything for these poor sick animals. May God bless them all.- diana

 8/18/17 – **bones is out of surgery & is doing well he’s home & sleeping off the meds** – Erica”

“Bones update.. eye is coming out, we’ve done all we could to save it, he’ll be feeling much better without it & I have a feeling it won’t be slowing him down one bit! He’s eating great & has an increasing appitie not doing fluids on his own quite yet but aside from that eye he’s doing good! Please please please consider making a donation to 4paws1heart who is paying for his medical – Erica”

Hope – She Had Heart Worm but With Love and Help from 4p1h – She Survived

7/18/17 – This is what I call a happy anniversary posting. We would love to see the happy stories of others we’ve helped. Post them here and I’ll grab them to put on our main page. – diana

“Hope says we LOVE 4 Paws 1 Heart !! Thank you ALL for being here for the helpless animals in need! God bless everyone! Helping Hope, heartworm + k9, Treatment going great still, pray for heartworm free in December! 🙏
-Robin”hope w:robin marye 8:16:17

Brave – Rescued From a Cat Community

8/18/17  8/18/17 – Happy Seventh Anniversary to 4 Paws 1 Heart and the over 4,000 animals who have been given a second chance at life. If this little girl looks like she has a personality, it’s because she does. Interested in making Brave a family member, contact Heather Elizabeth. ~ diana

Brave 8:18:2017“If you’re looking at this picture and thinking to yourself, “Man that looks like a crazy kitty!” Your thoughts would be correct! Brave is one crazy, high energy, very lovable girl. She loves everyone, even if they don’t love her back… Other cats and dogs included. Brave approaches life with an enthusiasm that is contagious. She’s friendly, happy, crazy and just plain awesome. If you’re looking for a calm cat, she is NOT what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for a highly trainable, high energy, lovable, goofball…. She’s your gal! If you’re interested in Brave, please reach out. I’m available via text at 248-404-8482. She’s fully vetted and ready to go. Thank you Charlotte Yakima for trapping this amazing girl and giving her a chance. I couldn’t imagine her having to spend her life homeless. Thank you Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart for covering her medical bills. PLEASE SHARE! – Heather”

Celebrating our 7th Anniversary –

8/18/17 – Please help us celebrate our 7th Anniversary by making a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart. It is only with your donations and support can we continue to make a difference in the lives of so many animals and the families who adopt them. As of today, we have paid $527,705 in medical bills for over 4,000 animals. And, looking ahead, we have made commitments for 2 heart worm cases, two eye removals, two amputations, and many spay/neuter/vaccinations coming up. If not for the creation of 4 Paws 1 Heart, these abandoned and stray animals would have either died horrible deaths on the street or would have been euthanized. As co-founder and President of 4p1h, I have to tell you how humbled I am by the amount of support we have received from our community of animal advocates. This includes the rescuers, the fosters, the veterinarians who work with us, and, most importantly, our donors, because without you, we could do nothing! I have developed unbelievable friendships through this journey and that has just been icing on the cake. Celebration donations can be made by using the donation link on this page or on our website, 4paws1heart.org , or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and a huge ‘thank you’ from our Board of Directors. ~ dianamolly 8:201720842168_1616156641749961_317548170291374046_n20800226_1616156875083271_1536467099039270532_n20882101_1616157261749899_1284142395185997880_n

Diesel – Only Alone Chained 24/7 – Now Living With a Loving Family With Lots of Property

Diesel before - 2016diesel 8:18:17 ---8/18/17 -An anniversary wish and a testimonial.

“Happy Anniversary and so everyone who orders on amazon they have an Amazon smile page where you can get donations to a non profit of your choice with every dollar you spend. I chose 4paws1heart as my non profit. These guys stepped up and paid for Diesels eye surgery and gave this wonderful boy a chance at a happy life.  Now he has a home with a mom and dad and 2 babies to watch over and a big back yard and a fur neighbor to run the fence and play with. He is happy and loved. Thank you 4paws1heart. Tami”

Butch – He was Rescued from a Cat Community and Now Has a Loving Home

8/17/17 – New Beginnings from our friend, Heather Sterner”

“Well it’s official Butch, now Eli is Phoenix’s first cat! She paid for his adoption fee herself and the two couldn’t be happier! Thank you to Roberta Kretz for giving him a chance and giving Phoenix the opportunity to have her very own kitty. Thank you toDiana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart for covering his medical costs. These two will have a nice long life together growing up. He will be there for her during her high school years, college, break ups, triumphs and so much more. They are a really good team and to deny them would be a sin! ~ Heather”butch w:heather sterner 7:23:17butch 8:17:17

Gilly – Too Wild to Live Inside but He Won’t Be Responsible for Increasing the Population

8/17/17 – Unfortunately, not all dogs and cats can be socialized to live inside a home. As much as I hate to see any cat or dog living outside, we have to deal with reality. We were contacted about ‘Gilly’ who had been living in the woods but being fed by a kind woman. We absolutely agreed to pay for Gilly to be neutered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas/parasites. Gilly is back outside but the homeowner is making sure he is well fed and sheltered with his own ‘feral’ house. ~ dianagilly 8:17:17

Paisley – She Was Roaming the Street All Alone

8/16/17 – Meet Paisley. Another beautiful animal saved from the dangers of the street. Anyone interested in adopting this cutie should contact Sharon at:[email protected] Also, this is Tobias. A little baby we helped in December, 2015. Tobias was found in the cold outside of a hospital where the rescuer worked. At the time he was found, he was obviously scruffed up from living on the streets, had fleas and mites but with medical attention and love, he is the handsome boy you see here. ~ dianapaisley 8:16:17Tobias 8:16:17