6/22/22 – Baby was seen wandering the streets and almost being hit by cars. A 4p1h friend and amazing rescuer of animals rescued her and contacted us for assistance. Baby was immediately taken into a vet to be examined and she was found to be positive for heart worm. Baby was later taken to our friends at Comfort’s Place in Redford, and the doctor recommended she be spayed before beginning heart worm treatment. Baby was spayed yesterday and will begin her heart worm treatment after she recovers from the spay. Of course, because of the generosity of our donors, we are able to give Baby that second chance at life.

On another note, Baby is being fostered by someone in Jackson, MI. Baby’s rescuer, Shayla, is a school teacher who is off for the summer and she will be transporting Baby back and forth between Jackson and Redford, MI. May God be with our many rescuers who go above an beyond for the fur orphans wandering our streets. – diana.


6/22/22 – Panda Update! Dr. Stomack at APaws Veterinary Hospital saw Panda yesterday and was prepared to remove her eye as was previously recommended when she was seen by another doctor last week. BUT, Panda’s eye appears to be improving with her current medications. Dr. Stomack recommended we go ahead with having Panda see a specialist for consultation and we will go from there. Panda was very active at the vet’s office and her vision seems to be improving. The doctor said she is a typical little kitten and we are very happy to do what we can to save her eyes. – diana


UPDATE: I’m sorry but I was misinformed about Montana.

He has not passed away and I will get a further update later.

6/20/22 – Unfortunately, it was a very sad weekend for 3 fur orphans (2 of whom we’ve helped with medical). It was early June when we were contacted about Jeffrey who had been rescued in Detroit. He had an abscess on his neck and was filled with fluid. The fluid was drained and we were asked if we could help with the medical bill. We did that and Jeffrey’s prognosis appeared to be good but not long after, Jeffrey became very lethargic. We approved another visit to one of our veterinary partners and Jeffrey was found to be positive for FIV, FeLV, and possibly FIP. He continued to get worse and it was finally recommended by the veterinary doctor that Jeffrey be spared from any more pain.

And then, there was Skippy (no photo). We didn’t know him but I got a call yesterday from a friend of 4p1h about a cat who was found and appeared to have been hit by a car. At first he tried running away and then he couldn’t move. He was bloody and the finder couldn’t tell the extent of his injuries. I authorized him to be taken to the emergency hospital. He had a severe wound in his stomach and although he tried to move, his brain couldn’t seem to dictate his limbs. He had many other injuries and the doctor recommended humane euthanasia to relieve him of his pain.

We try to save them all but sometimes it’s not possible. – diana


6/16/22 – Panda was rescued on 5/22; he could fit in your hand. He had crusted eyes with green ooze coming out, one had doubled in size. He was sneezing with green mucus coming out of his nose. His vision was definitely impaired. He was also very skinny. He was very sweet.

Lauren, his rescuer, contacted me and we arranged for him to go to APaws Veterinary and he was treated for the respiratory infections with an appointment for a follow up in two weeks. By May 26 he appeared to be doing well with his upper respiratory infection and Lauren thought she had lined up an adopter. Panda had a follow up appointment yesterday, June 16.

Yesterday I talked with Dr. Pasternak, who was subbing at APaws, and she said that Panda’s one eye needed to be removed within the next 3-5 days before it burst. But, she also suggested that we try to get a specialist to see his other eye because she saw some troubling issues with his pupil which may be a problem or maybe just be a birth defect. The plan was for me to call a specialist to see if we could get in by Monday or Tuesday for a consultation. The thinking from the doctor and I was that if both eyes needed removal, the surgery could be done at one time. But, when Lauren called the potential adopter, who had previously had a blind cat and was experienced with special needs cats, said she no longer was interested because she didn’t have the time.

Now we were in a dilemma because Lauren is scheduled to go out of State on June 22 and won’t be back until the end of the month. Even if an adopter or foster can’t be found, Panda needs a home to go to until Lauren returns and she needs the eye surgery within days. Under the circumstances, we decided to go ahead with the eye removal for the serious eye and then work on the consultation at a later date for the other eye. Worst case scenario would be that Panda would have to be put under twice for two surgeries. But we are praying that if another surgery is needed, it can wait until Panda is a little older and stronger (he is now 7-8 weeks old).

A good friend of 4p1h has offered to watch Panda while Lauren is gone and we have asked the vet for the soonest possible surgery date. But, Panda will still need a furever home so, please, if you are looking for a very sweet kitten who is no trouble whatsoever, please consider Panda and contact Lauren at: [email protected] diana.

And, please remember that without your donations, we could not continue to help the orphans who have no one else.


6/16/22 – We were thankful to play a role in Koa’s recovery. A huge thank you to the Macomb County Animal Control Shelter for taking on this very difficult and heart wrenching task to save an animal no one wanted. Now to find him a furever home! – diana

**UPDATE – NOW IN FOSTER-TO-ADOPT ** KOA, THE BRAVE From being dumped on the streets to fighting for his life, Koa beat Parvo!! This brave warrior proved he has so much courage! Now, to find the life he deserved.

We are searching for a foster or foster-to-adopt to recover in. Ideally this home would have no puppies as he could still be shedding the virus. This would be a strictly at home situation. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Koa, please fill out an application. Please make sure to put Koa’s name in the interested in.


6/16/22 – Baby was rescued May 18 with eyes totally crusted over and one eye very inflamed and bulging from an obvious upper respiratory infection. He was only about 4-6 weeks old and Hannah, the finder, asked for our help. Baby was able to quickly get into a veterinary clinic where he was given antibiotics, a snap test, vaccines and was neutered the next day. Unfortunately, it was determined that his one eye was too far gone and needed to be removed. His eye was removed on May 23 and yesterday Hannah contacted me to let me know that Baby is doing great. Although she intended to find him a permanent loving home, she realized that the loving home was hers. Baby loves to play with the people in her household as well as her other cats. As always, we couldn’t do it without the support of our donors, the participants in our fundraisers, and, of course the rescuers and our partner vets. Here is an ‘after’ and ‘before’ photos of Baby. – diana.


6/14/22 – Meet Bravo. While in a park, his finder noticed that Bravo appeared alone and possibly abandoned. Bravo was starving, dirty, and in need of help. The finder brought him home and posted him on various sites but no one has claimed him. His finder will keep this handsome guy but first we will have him scanned for a microchip, tested for heart worm, vaccinated, and neutered. Paws crossed that he tests negative for heart worm because, unfortunately, so many friendly dogs are dumped when the owner learns their pet has heart worm. Of course, if he tests positive, we will see him through. – diana.