8/1/22 – A beautiful update on Walter. – diana.

Gina’s Update: “One day I was in the parking lot at work doing curbside when a nice man named Jay Acosta pulled up asking about a stray he had found. The dog was sitting outside of a store and the staff claimed he’d been there for a few days. Jay scooped him up and took him home and then sought help. I told him I’d scan for a microchip, posting on social media, and if an owner wasn’t found I offered to assist paying medical through 4 paws 1 heart.

He was then named Walter. Poor guy could hardly walk, nails overgrown, skinny, stiff limbs, not neutered, and heartworm disease positive. Jay provided a stable home and love while getting Walter started on the road to recovery.

Fast forward to now.. Walter is in his forever home. Jay saved his life, 4 paws 1 heart helped give him a 2nd chance by paying all medical, and his new family adores him. Walter is in great health and I love happy endings.

And his mom’s update: “Current status. He likes a good 6-8 hour nap after he wakes up in the morning.”


8/1/22 – Muffin Update — keep your prayers coming! – diana.

Muffins Update 💜

We have 2 more weeks left of antibiotics and hopefully by then the drainage from her nose and eyes will stop. She’s a little fighter. Her attitude is good, appetite good, she’s gaining weight (2.7 lbs), and she is so unbelievably lovable. Mycoplasma is definitely hard to get rid of. Once the antibiotics are done I’ll get a blood panel on her, but that’s been extremely difficult because she is so congested. – Gina


7/31/22 – I’m so sorry to report that the last of Cookie’s babies died last night. Last weekend we reported on Cookie who was rescued while pregnant and taken in by a good friend of 4 paws 1 Heart. Cookie had 6 babies and all seemed to be going well for about a week and a half. But then, Cookie started to shun the babies and the foster/finder mom became worried. Cookie was in the hospital for almost 48 hours and the babies were bottle fed and transported to two experienced friends who would bottle feed them until they could eat on their own. Cookie was diagnosed with a severe upper respiratory infections but we just thought the babies hadn’t had the nutrition and food needed and they would eventually be fine. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and the babies began dying, The last three babies went to another very experienced rescuer who has taken care of several at risk kittens and who was in contact with one of our best and favorite doctors. It was noticed that two of the kittens had very swollen paws as you can see in the photo. The doctor believed they were suffering from vasculitis which is an inflamation in the blood vessels, possibly the result of whatever infection the mom had. The final three were immediately given antibiotics along with very intensive care which included oxygen, incubator heat, and tube feeding, but, unfortunately, it was too late and the last baby died last night. To say this has been a horribly heartbreaking situation for all would be an understatement. the only comfort to be found is knowing that this mama and her babies did not die horrible deaths alone on the streets. Cookie is doing good and is with her rescuer. The babies knew love and died in the arms of people who truly cared and did everything they could. – diana.


7/28/22 – Panda Update – Panda has seen a fourth veterinary doctor and it has been confirmed that she definitely needs both eyes removed. The surgery has been scheduled for August 12 and in the meantime, her foster is seeking that furever, loving home. Panda’s foster would like to have Panda become familiar with his new home before being totally blind but at this time it is more critical to take on the surgery to avoid any complications in the future. Panda has actually been doing great and loves to play and pounce on little stuffed mice. He is a very sweet kitty and if you are interested in possibly making him your own, I can put you in touch with his foster who will get in touch with you. E mail me at: [email protected]

And, we’ve had a number of surgeries in the past month and no fundraisers lined up at this time (although I’m working on it). Anything you can do to help, would be very much appreciated by the many animals who have no one else but all of us. – diana


7/27/22 – This kitten is named Cutee Reba. She was found a few days ago with a cuterebra larvae in her head. She is only about 4 weeks old. This took up the entire top of her head and it was alive. There was a large hole that is healing. She was covered in maggot larvae. A co-worker has offered to foster and find placement while we cover medical. So far we haven’t had to do much other than supportive care. She will get her age appropriate vaccines and feluk fiv test in a few weeks. – Gina

P.S. Gina provided another photo that showed the large hole in one whole side of Cutee Reba’s little face but I was confident it would be blocked so I did not include it. If you would like further information about the cuterebra or the bot fly I will be posting a couple of links in another post. – diana.

7/27/22 – Some information about the bot fly (Cuterebra).…/cuterebra…


7/26/22 – This is Leo (formerly known as Leah). He was recently rescued after showing up in a cat community. He had been vomiting and even after medication, he was not improving. He saw one of our veterinary partners yesterday and the doctor is concerned that he may have a blockage. The doctor diagnosed him with an ear and bladder infection, a possible foreign object in the abdominal area, possible pancreatitis, and a low glucose count. He was treated for the infections, given fluids and other medication. Leo will be going back today for another x ray to see if there still appears to be a foreign object in the abdomen. His finder reported that Leo is very sweet and we pray he will recover fully. – Diana.


7/26/22 – Update on Cookies’ kittens. As you may remember, Cookie had 6 kittens which we believe may not have been receiving the nutrition needed while she was struggling with a raging upper respiratory infection. And, although she made it after 2 days in the emergency hospital, she can no longer nurse her babies. Unfortunately, of the 6 kittens, two have passed away but the good news is that 4 are still hanging in there. Our friends Deena and Debbie are bottle feeding the babies (Debbie has one kitten and Deena has 3) but they need help. If you are an experienced bottle feeder and live in the Macomb County, MI area, please e mail me at: [email protected]. The kittens are now about two weeks old and will need bottle feeding for at least 2-3 weeks. – diana


7/26/22 – Update on Very Sweet Muffins. Finally an answer to why she has been so very ill. Praying for her full recovery now that we know what is needed. We are so very thankful for the amazing village who has been there for Muffins. – diana

Muffins update! The results came in and she tested positive for Mycoplasma which is an infection caused by a bacteria that acts as a parasite in the blood. She is on the antibiotic recommended for this infection and it is a 21 day course. She is playful, eating, lovable, and acting like a kitten. Her weight is very slowly increased to 2.4 pounds, her snot is still regular and her eyes are very red. I’m not familiar with Mycoplasma because I’ve never had a kitten with it. My hubby and I had a much needed weekend get a way so now I’ll be back into full force doing whatever is needed for Muffins. She had a great weekend with Aunti Dee Brown Gudenau and uncle Rick being spoiled and well taken care of. Huge enormous thank you 4 paws 1 heart for covering cost of all medical care and to everyone who has helped me by answering my messages off/on the clock Susan Houston Burcham, Maria Cristina Rivera Henriquez , Maddy Gage Lutz, Amy Maskey, Catherine J Roach, and those who have donated food and supplies Bambi Pesti Hartter ,Coran Cait, Ann Kist . I am so fortunate to have some amazing people in my life and a hubby David Jenio who supports me all the way. Hopefully Muffin is on the right track now and headed towards a full recovery. – Gina


7/24/22 – And Another! Sissy was rescued Tuesday and early this morning she was found to be lethargic, had a temperature, and had not been eating well. With closer inspection, the rescuer found a hole in her face which was suspected to the result of a botfly imbedded in her very skinny body. Sissy was taken early this morning to an emergency veterinary hospital and we were contacted for help. Sissy was slightly sedated and the botfly was removed. She was given meds for an infection and pain. She appears to be doing better already and is finally eating. Her rescuer has rescued dozens (if not hundreds)of cats and we’ve tried to help when needed. Thank you to our amazing community for making a difference and giving these orphans a second chance at life. – diana.


7/24/22 – Great News! Dr. Pasternak from Advanced Animal Emergency called this morning to report that Cookie was ready to be released. YEAH! Her temp is back to normal and she has been eating through the night. As earlier assumed, the doctor recommends she not be allowed to nurse. I will be getting an update on her babies later this morning. Thank you for your prayers and for your donations. It’s cases like this which keep us up at night. – diana.