6/30/22 – Meet Bobbie. He was rescued from a mobile home park where we have helped with a considerable number of cats needing vaccines/spay/neuter/and treatment for upper respiratory infections. This little guy was found with string wrapped around his little paw. When the string was removed, half of his paw fell off. Fortunately, we were able to get him into one of our favorite veterinary hospitals, Patterson Veterinary, and yesterday his little paw was removed. Anyone interested in Bobbie should contact me and I will get you in touch with his rescuers. [email protected]



6/29/22 – Panda Update. Panda is now being seen by Dr. Blasses, Orion Animal Hospital, who examined him last week, June 23. Dr. Blasses has been one of our ‘go to’ doctors for many years and she and Dr. Zalac are very experienced in eye issues. After last week’s appointment Dr. Blasses called me to give me her report. First, Panda has glaucoma and the eye pressure in his ‘good eye’ was 40! Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with glaucoma (like I am because I share the disease with Panda), normal eye pressure should be below 20 so you can see the concern we all had when we found this out. Interestingly enough, the eye pressure for the eye, which may need to be removed, was normal. Dr. Blasses explained that glaucoma in a kitten so young is very unusual and usually it is the result of an underlying infection. Consequently, a full blood panel was going to be done to determine what that might be. Dr. Blasses also said that the ‘bad eye’ appears to have been ulcerated at one time but that seemed to have ‘healed’ over. Panda does appear to have some vision although it may be murky. Panda was given eye drops (the same I use) for the high eye pressure and medication for the other eye. Yesterday Panda had a follow up visit and Dr. Blasses called me today and reported that the eye pressure had already returned to normal and she believed the other eye would eventually need to be removed but the final decision would be made when she received all of the results from the blood work. She did say that the results she has received thus far was very good but she had not yet received the results for toxoplasmosis.

Also, both Gina, our vet tech co-founder, and a few others on our page have asked about the use of “autologous serum eye drops”. I did ask the doctor about that and she said that the vets there do use the serum eye drops for diseases/issues such as eyes which have been ulcerated but she had not seen any research on its use with glaucoma (I have not been told about that either from my eye specialists). But she said that she would do that research and let me know what she learns.

So, in summary, Panda’s one eye will probably need to be removed but with someone so young, the longer we can wait, the better. For the eye with high pressure (glaucoma), he will need to be treated with the eye drops for the rest of his life. Consequently, we are all seeking out that very special person who can give Panda the love and care he will need. And, lastly, everyone is falling in love with this very sweet, very active kitten. Anyone interested should contact me at: [email protected] and I will pass the information on to his foster/rescuer. I will continue to update our followers and I, once again, want to remind everyone that without donations from our followers, we could not give these orphans a second chance at life. – diana.


6/28/22 – And for every sad outcome, there are thousands of happy ones. This past April we were contacted about Spero who was from a colony in Rochester, MI and brought to a shelter because he was sick. A friend for 4p1h saw his story and pulled him from the shelter because they were going to be closed for 4 days and Spero wasn’t eating or drinking. In April we were contacted because Spero was having seizures. We helped with visits to one of the best vets, Dr. Z, and a neurologist. He was tested and no definitive results could be found. But yesterday I got this happy report from Dawn:

“Just wanted to send you an update. Last update, Spero was in really rough shape after 2 days of seizures. Apparently he has a very strong will to live and once again showed us that he is not ready to give up.

During that rough time, he wouldn’t eat or drink and couldn’t even get his medications in him because he would keep his mouth clamped shut. I syringe fed tiny bits of electrolyte water with sugar to at least keep his levels normal and he bounced back better than ever. We are at 18 days seizure free which is the longest he’s went without seizures in 3 months and thats with not starting the medications again.

He was never able to jump and yesterday for the first time, he jumped onto my bed. He’s been playful and loving. This is him sitting in my daughter Chloe’s lap. He adores her and it is the most wonderful thing to have weathered the storm and come out of it to this. I may not have gotten what I hoped for with vets, but yet it pushed me to dig deeper and try harder to figure out what was right for him so I’m thankful. I’m thankful for your help and the support from all that have rooted for him. I’m thankful for the compassion and encouragement from fellow rescuers during the times that all I could do was cry. Its these things that make rescue so amazing and that show strengths you never knew you had. I know the future holds no guarantees, but I’m ok with it and hopefully with all he has been through, it can help others as well. – Dawn”

May God Be With the Rescued, the Rescuer, and our Supporters. – diana.


6/28/22 – Whether you are a human or an animal, I’ve always believed that no life should move on without being remembered by those of us still on this earth. I know it’s sad but unfortunately that is life.

This morning I want to remember Tommy, a very sweet cat who was a member of a cat community cared for by a 93 year old,very kind woman. It was June 8 when I was contacted because Tommy, who we helped with getting neutered, became very sick after being treated with flea medication. He was immediately seen by one of our partner veterinarians and was found to have an enlarged kidney and had fluid behind the eye. He received sub-q fluids and antibiotics and was scheduled to be re-examined. Unfortunately, just before he was to again see the doctor, he escaped from his cage. His caretaker is suffering from early onstage dementia so Tommy’s situation was kept from her as much as possible while the neighbors helped Nicole (the caretaker’s caretaker) try and find Tommy. He was finally found and taken in but it was too late. Tommy died in Nicole’s arms. Rest In Peace Tommy. You were loved. – diana.


6/27/22 – Meet Leiomy. She was found on the side of a freeway in Detroit, MI. She had no identifying information and no one claimed her. Her finder says that she seems healthy but is very skinny. We were asked to help with her medical so Leiomy will be having a heart worm test, vaccines, and spay at one of our medical partners. I can’t imagine this very sweet girl roaming on the side of a freeway and what would have happened to her. As always, a huge thanks to the many kind hearts who never turn their back on an animal in need and to our many donors who give us the ability to cover the medical needs. – diana.


6/24/22 – RIP Apple. It was June 8 when I was contacted regarding 5 babies found in Flint without a mom but needing to be bottle fed. One of the five kittens had two seizures and we were asked for help. Apple was taken by Andrea to one of our partner vets where blood work was done but nothing indicated why the seizures were occurring. Apple was given medication for a potential issue and was scheduled for a follow up appointment. At the appointment, poor little Apple, who was the runt of the litter, had 8 seizures in under 2 hours. It was obvious at that point that Apple should be allowed to cross the rainbow bridge and no longer suffer with debilitating seizures. Apple crossed with her favorite blanket and bed and in the arms of her foster mom. In the short month she lived with the family, they fell in love with her and her passing left a hole in all of their hearts. Here is Apple and a collage the family made in her honor. – diana.

Thank you so much 4 Paws 1 Heart . I am the foster mom who has been taking care of this sweet baby girl, and her 4 other siblings. I only had her for a month, but I’ll tell you what… As soon as I got my hands on her, Apple took over an unprecedentedly massive piece of my heart. I so so appreciate all the kind words and prayers. Diana has quite literally been such a huge blessing to me through the whole process. I have REALLY been struggling emotionally with loosing this sweet baby the day before my birthday, but the messages I received from Di, and now all of your comments have truly helped me with finding peace. Apple’s most favorite thing besides Her pate, and napping on our chests… Was a sun drenched nap. So my husband built me a shelf inside our window frame, to set her ashes on. So now, our little Apple can still take her sunbaths. -Andrea


6/23/22 – Prayers for sweet Panda. The poor baby keeps going back and forth to doctors and getting different opinions. One doctor said he needed his eye removed asap. The eye removal was scheduled for this past Tuesday but the doctor who was scheduled to do the surgery believed the medicine being given was working and that the eye could be saved. In the mean time, the rescuer had plans to go out of town and our friend, Debbie, agreed to foster during her absence. When she saw Panda, she felt that Panda needed to be seen for a third opinion and by looking at this little guy’s photo, I agree. He looks far different than from the other photos I’ve received. Panda is at Orion Animal Hospital this morning with doctors who have done a great deal of eye work for us in the past. Unfortunately, we can’t get into a specialist for a couple of months so we are doing the most we can for this very sweet, very active kitten. – Diana.


6/22//22 – To say it’s been overwhelming in the world of rescue is an understatement. And, quite honestly, after almost 12 years I still can’t understand the cruelty of some people. Here is Amos and Andy (approximately 3 months old) and Issa, Sully, Marlene, and Sadaku (approximately 7 weeks old when found). Here is the message I received 3 weeks ago from our friend Patricia Brown who recently held the garage sale benefitting 4p1h and a rescuer whom we’ve worked with since almost our beginning. These kitties are lovingly known as the ‘car wash babies’.

“I am so angry I can spit nails and my stomach is churning! So these kittens were dumped in this bin at the carwash on 10 mile right down from my house! A neighbor who knows me, 4 houses down, was at the car wash and was approached by a woman telling her there are some kittens in a bin! In this heat! 6 kittens, 2 different litters. My neighbor didn’t know what to do and remembered my work with ferals and she brought them to me apologizing as she didn’t know what else to do. I thanked her and immediately got them in the kitty room. Not one is skittish. These kittens are all social! 4 appear to be around 7-8 weeks and 2 appear to be around 3 months. Can 4p1h help with their medical? – Patricia”

Thankfully, we are, for now, still able to assist and Amos was seen for an eye issue at one of our favorite veterinary hospitals, Orion Animal Hospital. Both Amos and Andy were old enough to be spayed/neutered, tested, and fully vaccinated. Amos’ eye issue was pink eye and that is being treated and he will be re-examined if needed. The younger ones have started their round of vaccines and have been examined. When old enough they will get ‘the works’ as well and all will be available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact Patricia at: [email protected] – diana