7/22/22 – At 6 a.m. this morning I received a call-out for help from a 4p1h friend, Shawn, who we’ve assisted several times over the years. She had rescued a pregnant cat and on July 12, the cat gave birth to 6 kittens. Cookie has been a great mama for the past week and a half but she hadn’t been eating well. This morning when Shawn checked on her, Cookie was very lethargic and wasn’t with her kittens. Also, Shawn noticed that Cookie hadn’t eaten at all. Cookie was taken to our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency and the doctor called me shortly after. Cookie has a temp of 105 degrees. She is very skinny and has nasal and eye discharge and her lungs sounded a little raspy. The doctor reported that she tested negative for FIV FeLV and an ultrasound ruled pyometra. Also, the x rays showed no pneumonia and the blood work only indicated a high white cell count which is probably attributed to a severe upper respiratory infection. Cookie will be getting the medical care needed and the babies will be fed and sent home with what will be needed for bottle feeding. We have put our a request for bottle feeders and our friend, Debbie, has offered to help for 1-2 days but Shawn may need more help depending on Cookie’s recovery and whether she will be able to nurse.

The bottom line, is that she is a very sick and she’s a young mama who needs our prayers. We will not put her recovery at risk and she still has 6 babies to nurse, but we have asked the medical staff to help us save anyway possible without jeopardizing Cookie’s health. At this time, Cookie will be hospitalized for 24 to 36 hours and possibly 48 if her high temperature hasn’t broken. So again, prayers and your donations make a difference in so many lives. Thank you – diana.


7/21/22 – Happy Update – Here is an update from Lucy’s dad. We are so very thankful to have Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital in our lives for the many very sick and injured stray animals who come into our lives. Here are some post surgery photos and an update from Lucy’s rescuers and new parents:

“Lucy is doing amazing!! She’s breathing perfectly now and eating like a champ! She ate 10oz of wet food yesterday and probably more than that today (previously the most she ate in a day was 4oz). She has so much more energy and is waking us up like every hour all night long to play or pet her lol. She hasn’t messed with her incision once so Dr. Z said she doesn’t need a cone or anything unless she starts to lick it – I think she’s just so happy that she can breathe and eat that she hasn’t even noticed her incision and staples. We truly cannot thank you enough for all the help you’ve given us!! You have been such a blessing for us. We’d like to set up a recurring monthly donation, could you tell us how to do that? We want you to be able to continue helping all the animals like Lucy that truly need you.

Thank you again,

Manet & Johan”

Manet and Johan are very special people and we honestly couldn’t be happier for sweet Lucy. – Diana.


7/20/22 – Meet Zero. Jenny’s husband was doing a delivery and found a dog who looked like he was just hit by a car and who was very emaciated. He brought the dog home and Zero immediately started to get along with their resident pup. Zero was taken to the couple’s family vet who found that Zero had a broken pelvis and a torn ACL. This wonderful couple had already invested a considerable amount of money for this stray animal and, before contacting us, contacted a vet recommended by their veterinarian to determine the cost of treatment. That is when they contacted us for some help.

I immediately contacted one of our favorite veterinary partners, Patterson Veterinary Hospital, and Zero was seen the next day. Dr. Lynch determined that she could perform Femoral Head Osteotomy surgery (surgery to restore pain-free mobility to a damaged hip by removing the head and neck of the femur which eliminates the bone-on-bone contact of the hip). The pelvis will typically heal with crate rest. Zero will be seen again on July 28 to determine the level of healing and to schedule the surgery. At this time, the doctor saw no need for ACL surgery.

We will continue to update on Zero. There are so many animals needing our prayers so tonight when you’re saying your prayers and asking God to watch over those you love, please remember the many fur orphans who are wandering and too often dying on our streets. If not for our community, who then?? – diana.


7/20/22 – Muffins Update. Thank you for your prayers and donations (Jessica Stokes and Bobby). Inflation is impacting everyone and I know that many have very little discretionary income. But, if you can afford it, so many serious cases have been coming to us and with every rescue struggling, we are often the only hope for individual rescuers — your donation will truly make a difference. diana

Awaiting test results on viral PCR panel and an additional med will hopefully be here by Friday. She gained a tiny bit, appetite good, playing, and lovable every second. I won’t post the nasil discharge that happens all day because it’s gross. Eyes still very red.. Please keep 🙏 going for Muffins. I’ll update again soon as I have results. -Gina


7/19/22 – Please continue to pray for this sweet baby. – diana.

7/18 Little Muffins is trying so hard to feel better. I took swabs of her eyes, nose, and throat first this this morning, and then started Doxycycline along with a new eye medicine. I had to take her off all antibiotics for 3 days to do a culture test which will check for multiple viruses. She is eating great and still getting her nebulizer 3 times a day. Slight weight gain today but still constant drainage from nose. It’s so sore and her little eyes are so swollen. Hoping for a better update soon.. 🙏 Also, I couldn’t do this without the amazing veterinarians especially those who have answered my after hours messages, and of course the support of 4 paws 1 heart. -Gina


7/18/22 – We have another Lucy who needs your prayers and positive vibes today. On July 6 I received an e mail from two wonderful people who rescued Lucy during the 90+ degree weather in late June. She was about 6 months old and only weighed 4 lbs. She was very emaciated and couldn’t eat or drink on her own and she also had a sinus infection. She was also having trouble breathing. The couple hand fed her and immediately took her to see a vet who treated for the sinus infection and diagnosed her with a. diaphragmatic hernia which needed surgery. The couple took her to 3 veterinary clinics before contacting us and were determined to save her. I contacted one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, to see if she could do the surgery; she said yes. But, before that could happen Lucy started having a MISCARRIAGE! Three vet visits but no one noticed she was pregnant. Poor Lucy started having dead babies and the couple took her to an emergency where she was made stable. The following day, Dr. Zalac was able to see her on an emergency basis and also treated her before she could be taken home to have surgery today. A diaphragmatic hernia is a defect or hole in the diaphragm that allows the abdominal contents to move into the chest cavity. We will receive an update later. – Diana.

The rescuer couple will be adopting her!

They are absolutely wonderful people who were willing to do whatever was needed to give Lucy a good life and had already invested so much before we offered to take care of the surgery. -Cindy


7/1622 – Please continue praying for our little Muffin! – diana.

Muffin is feeling like crap today. No weight gain in 3 days but maintaining at 2 pounds. More gunk from nose and eye is super red. Going to do more testing Monday and hopefully get some answers. Tried to get blood today but it’s impossible right now. Keep prayers going. – Gina

May be an image of cat