9/29/22 – Bando is one of the prior commitments I referred to earlier when I sounded the alarm about running out of funds. On September 6, we posted the following:

9/6/22 – Prayers for Bando. He was found just a couple of days ago by a very caring couple. He is only about 3 weeks old and he appeared to be very sick. The couple took him to the first hospital they could get into and the vet advised that both of his eyes needed to be removed. He was given antibiotics and the couple contacted us. We have authorized Bando to see one of our favorite doctors at Orion Animal Hospital and we will take care of whatever is needed. These amazing good Samaritans have decided to keep him because they know a shelter would have euthanized him because of his condition. Please keep Bando in your thoughts and prayers and I will report on him when we get more information. – diana.

Well, after Bando was seen by Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital did determine that Bando does need to have both eyes removed and the surgery is scheduled for late October. The reason for the delay is that he was only 3 weeks old when found so we’ve all had to wait for him to ‘fatten up’ and get a little older.

It’s so hard to have had so many stray/abandoned animals needing our assistance; and, as I’ve said, the severity of the need has been overwhelming for all rescues and vet clinics. We wish Bando wouldn’t have to have this surgery but we know he is safe and very much loved by his new family and knowing cats, Bando probably won’t even know that he is a ‘special needs’ baby.

P. S. Thank you to our many supporters who continue to donate. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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