11/16/22 – Unfortunately, no matter how much we try, we just can’t save them all. But, we do try to find some comfort in know in knowing that we all did what we could so that these babies don’t die horribly on the streets without any love. With much sadness we just want to remember Aaron and Shortcake and please keep their rescuers and caregivers in your prayers.

At just 3 months old Aaron was dumped on the porch of our 4p1h friend, Patricia. Her Ring showed him being dumped by a neighbor. He had a hernia and an injured tail. We covered his initial medical needs and then he was found to have a heart issue. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Aaron to see a specialist and he was prescribed medication that he would have to take for his entire life. Aaron seemed to be doing alright but then he started having issues again and we again covered his visit to Dr. Z where it was found that he had FIP (we’ve talked about this deadly disease in the past). Fortunately, a great organization chose to cover Aaron’s experimental FIP treatment and we agreed to pay for his follow-up exams. But, sadly, Aaron died of kidney failure before he got through his first 30 days. His foster mom said that Aaron was quite the character and she will never forget him.

Shortcake was another one of those special cats. Although she was a sweet feral’ cat, she was cared for by our friend, Neenah, for 5 years. Recently, Neenah, could see that Shortcake’s health was failing and although it took her several weeks, she finally got Shortcake trapped and we proceeded to get her to the vet. Unfortunately, it was too late and Shortcake passed away. But, again, she knew love.

In both cases, we do what we can but sometimes it’s either too late or just not enough but we couldn’t do anything without the support of our friends and the love of so many people like Patricia and Neenah whose hearts break far too often yet they continue to fight the fight. Please keep all of our stray animals in your prayers as the temps start to decrease and please keep the many rescuers and our veterinary staffs in your prayers; they all need our support. – diana.

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