11/28/22 – We hope to see many of our friends at our November 30 fundraiser — “Show Me the Money/Gift Cards”. Not too many people are familiar with the game but you’ll enjoy this version where gift cards will be the prizes. The game is easy to learn and fast moving and will be an introduction to the ‘real’ version which is scheduled for February, 2023. Here is the event and a list of the many gift cards available to the winners. See YOU then. If you have any questions, e mail me at: [email protected]


11/28/22 – Thanks, Sweetie for reminding me of Giving Tuesday. We’ve all been so focused on the contests that it slipped my mind. We also have our big fundraiser this Wednesday. I’ll be posting information on the great gift cards people can win. It should be lots of fun and we’re all hoping a lot of our friends come out!! – Auntie Di

A Second Chance For Chance

CHANCE: Hey there Team! So I’ve had a couple messages about tomorrow being Giving Tuesday and what’s going on due to the Detroit News Holiday Cheers for Charity Contest! So I put in a call to Auntie Di and of course she’s very grateful you all are thinking of 4 Paws 1 Heart, she is requesting that you hold your donations until Round 2 of the contest launches on December 2nd – December 16th and the link and instructions are posted. That $20,000.00 prize is dependent on us getting the most donations of the top 5 organizations going into Round 2! So, please set your Giving Tuesday donation aside until then and know how much we appreciate your support! Thankyou