R.I.P. – Baby Girl

Baby Girl was a Boxer that was hit by a car in Roseville last week.  She had a broken back.  A  resident brought her into the clinic because the police wouldn’t. We gave her a pain injection, did x rays which confirmed a severed spine, and we euthanized her.  The owner paid for a private cremation for her remains.  May God Bless the good Samaritan who brought in this poor little one.

A word for all pet owners – please watch your pets.  Do not let them out unless you are sure your gate is locked (you never know when a meter reader, or your child, or whomever, may have left it open.  Make sure you do not have escape ‘areas’ in your yard.  You are responsible for your loved ones; they rely on you.

p.s. In deference to the owner, we have not posted a photo of this lost little one.

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