Sweetpea is Fighting for her Life

Sweetpea is fighting for her life, she has been diagnosed with Babesiosis Gibsoni. This is a horrible disease transmitted by ticks (she was on topical flea/tick preventative). This disease destroys red blood cells and causes severe anemia and for many dogs, death. Treatment to control this disease has been started, but a blood transfusion is her best hope for survival since she’s lost so much blood. We’ve spent thousands of dollars to save her mother Gretchen and to care for Gretchen’s seven pups (Sweetpea’s brothers and sisters). We are financially and emotionally exhausted.

Without financial help to pay for a transfusion, Sweetpea’s outcome is very grim. We’ve applied for emergency grants but they will likely not be considered or awarded in time. Without your help all we can offer Sweetpea is medication and supportive care – this likely won’t be enough. Please, please help us save Sweetpea.

4P1H was very happy to be able to help Sweetpea and Animal Advocates of Michigan with some medical dollars and prayers! ~ diana