Rescue the Chihuahua

One of our long-time friends contacted us recently about a Chihuahua whose owner was going to just let him loose!! Here’s some of her message AND YES, you can believe that 4 Paws 1 Heart will help this little guy be in a loving home by paying to get him neutered and vaccinated. That’s what we do – making sure there’s one less animal walking the streets and even less animals getting killed in shelters. We wish this little guy a long and happy life with Minnie’s family. ~ diana

Hi Diana,
“I can’t believe they were just turning him loose. It just happened that I was showing a condo (it looks like an old apartment complex they turned into condos) and she was outside with the dog. I spoke to the dog and said “you need to come home with me” and she said, “take him, we are turning him loose anyway” – My jaw dropped and I said WHAT?? And she said, somebody will find him………..aaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh – I told her I would be back in an hour, so I took my daughter down with me since the “baby” would be staying with her and we picked him up. He snarled and growled and showed his teeth to the owner but he has been at my daughter’s with her kids overnight and hasn’t snarled or growled once!!! He also needs all his shots. He is so precious. He is just skin and bones, I can’t believe how skinny he is!!! We went directly to the pet store and bought him a harness and a leash and some tiny bites food and some treats.

Anyway, my daughter’s husband has been laid off from Ford for some time now and I know they can’t afford a large vet bill, so if they could find a way to get him neutered and get his shots, I believe they may keep him. Any help you could offer would be wonderful. They would be willing to pay, they aren’t looking for “free” but I know they can’t afford a large vet bill. Here’s a photo of her children who have already fallen in love”.

Sweetpea back at foster home after surgery

After a bit of a scare yesterday, Sweetpea is back at his foster home and resting comfortably. Sweetpea came through surgery fantastic thanks to the wonderful veterinarians and vet techs that cared for him this past week. Post op Sweetpea’s neck “cyst” that was drained filled with blood and formed a hematoma. A pressure bandage was applied, injectable antibiotics given, and the watchful eye of the wonderful Gina from 4 Paws 1 Heart made sure Sweetpea was well taken care of.

The vets believe that Sweetpea has a condition known as a Salivary Cervical Mucoceles – or a collection of saliva that has leaked from a damaged salivary gland or salivary duct and has accumulated in the tissues causing what was originally thought to be a cyst. As the saliva leaks from the torn salivary gland or duct it pools in the tissue and causes an inflammatory response. A capsule forms around the saliva to prevent it from migrating further producing a noticeable pocket of fluid.

For now, we will be watching Sweetpea McGee very closely, continuing with a course of antibiotics, monitoring his incision sites and stitches, and hoping to see a decrease in the swelling and fluid retention on his chin/neck. If the swelling in Sweetpea’s neck remains stable – he will just need to be monitored in the future for swelling or increase in size. Surgery and/or a drain tube are options for treatment, however surgery is very difficult in that sensitive region and given Sweetpea’s response to the needle aspiration of the area (hematoma) surgery could very well cause more damage than good.

It is our hope that he heals completely from the surgery and the Salivary Cervical Mucoceles will be able to be managed by monitoring it for changes in size.

For now, Sweetpea enjoyed some grilled chicken for dinner and is sleeping on a king size memory foam dog bed, snuggled in a soft fleece blanket, and resting comfortably. ♥

MANY, MANY, MANY thanks to Gina for taking such wonderful care of Sweetpea and sending updates to his foster mom so she wouldn’t worry. We will forever be grateful to 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping this sweet little fella to have a second chance at a happy and healthy life. ♥

Sweetpea Update

‎***Sweetpea Update***
YIPPEE!! WHOO HOO!! Sweetpea came out of surgery today and is doing great! We got an update from fantastic ladies at 4 Paws 1 Heart and spoke with the surgeon who preformed Sweetpea’s surgery – we couldn’t wait to share the great news!!

“He is doing fantastic, and is already out of surgery and up and alert. We removed a Lipoma from his chest area and cleaned up his teeth really good. We drew fluid out of the large cyst that is under his chin, and thankfully found just a clear liquid. It is completely external and not the source of any of his breathing issues. We also removed the little lump/growth on his shoulder and saved it for Gina to send out to histology. We are hoping that the antibiotics that he is going on for post teeth cleaning will also help clear up his breathing.”

Sweetpea will be staying at the ER vet until Sunday so that they can continue to monitor his breathing, incision sites/stitches, etc. We’re hoping to see an improvement in his breathing as he heals from having the lipoma from his chest, and cyst from his neck removed while on antibiotics. Praying for a quick recovery for the little guy – his foster parents miss him! ♥

THANK-YOU to everyone who posted a kind thought, said a prayer, and sent well wishes to Sweetpea – it was VERY much appreciated!! ♥


SWEETPEA UPDATE PROVIDED BY REBECCA AKINS OF NBS ANIMAL RESCUE:  I wanted to share a brief update with you on Sweetpea’s progress. I’m sure Gina will fill you in, but I wanted to touch base with you on what we’re seeing with him as well.

Sweetpea is having some breathing issues – potentially caused by the rather large mass on his neck. He frequently sounds as though he’s struggling to pass air efficiently, gurgles and rattles when he breathes (although, not all the time), and tends to snore/take very deep breaths when he sleeps. He’s still eating, drinking, pottying, and being affectionate towards us – but his breathing concerns are becoming more apparent. His skin sores have all but healed completely, with about 3-4 spots the size of a pencil eraser that still have scabs on them, his hair is starting to grow back, and he’s doing wonderfully at our house. He’s a doll to have as a foster, is learning to seek out attention and is doing very well with potty training. He’s eating like a champ, and is starting to gain some muscle mass in his hind end from walking and playing in the yard. His breathing issues are a major concern for us as it seems at times like it’s painful for him to draw a breath.

We took him into the ER vet tonight for his scheduled surgery to have the masses removed and a dental. It was so nice to see all of the vet techs there come out and say hello to Sweetpea and comment on how well he looks! We told Gina about our breathing concerns and the things we’re seeing/hearing and after a brief physical exam, she too is concerned that the mass may be attached and potentially causing breathing issues. Unfortunately it’s a pretty decent size mass on the underside of his “chin” neck area – my hope is that it can easily be drained/removed without issue, but it’s something I wanted to make Gina and you aware of ASAP. Sweetpea is going to stay at the ER vet for a few days for monitoring and examination by the vets and surgeon who will be doing the surgery Friday morning. Sweetpea will also be having a suspicious looking spot on his shoulder removed – at first glance Gina said it looked like a cigarette burn that was scabbing over. The scab has since fallen off and revealed…well, let’s just say that it’s not a pretty skin growth of some sort. Gina is going to have the surgeon look at it and evaluate what our best course of action will be. She said that she will most likely be sending the lumps/fluid/skin samples out for histology to confirm/deny the possibility of cancer.

Gina said she will also start Sweetpea’s series of vaccinations while he is at the vet’s office. He needs rabies, DHLPP, and bordatella. He is HW negative and had a negative fecal already.

Gina was very kind to us tonight – she obviously recognized the fact that I was having a hard time with leaving Sweetpea there for the next 5 days and was very reassuring and kind. Gina said that she would call me when she hears back from the surgeon, as well as the second he comes out of surgery Friday morning. I”m sure the vet tech at the counter thought I was nuts as we left Sweetpea there, went home and packed up more of his normal food, and drove right back to Harper Woods to deliver the extra food so he could stay on the same diet while he’s there. He’ll be staying at the ER vet through the weekend depending on how things go and what they find when they get in his neck.

I’m sure Gina will give you a much more technical version of the above situation  but I wanted to personally let you know how the little guy is doing and to once again thank-you both for your kindness in helping this wonderful dog be healthy again. He is already very much loved and adored and we’re anxious to have him home soon!

Thank-you Diana!




Hercules Update 7/30/2012

HERCULES UPDATE from Dr. Kern: “Hercules has been doing extremely well. He is enjoying his walks and “playtime” – we mascarade his veterinary rehabilitation as play to keep him engaged and excited in the process. He is getting stronger with his swimming also and he now swims into the jets for a little more challenge. Additionally, he is really getting to be “all puppy” lately – yes, the sweetie can also be a stinker at times! He seems comfortable enough with the routine to shake it up himself now and steal slippers as toys. He also likes to rearrange his beds and use them as toys too. Just makes us love him more!”

Update on Baby Squirrel

8/4/2012 Update on Bubbles the Squirrel

I’ve had bubbles two weeks now and he is doing great. Currently weighs 35 grams. Eating every couple hours puppy formula mixed with half and half. ~ gina

7/23/12  Our co-founder, Gina, doesn’t have enough going on in her life. lol So here is one of her new projects — a 2-day old baby squirrel. ~ diana

Bruiser (aka Rusty)

UPDATE: Remember Rusty?? Nicole, one of our fb friends, found him on the side of a highway; dirty, matted, intact, and a lump near his abdomen. She had been trying to find the owner but without success; was willing to keep the little guy but couldn’t afford the initial vetting and potential operation. 4P1H is all about funding medical treatment with the goal of finding a forever home, so we offered to pay for Rusty’s medical needs. We are so very happy for Nicole, her family, and Rusty (aka Bruiser) Here is an update from Nicole:

“I have some very exciting news!!!! Rusty’s owner found him and I was heart broken, thinking she would try and take him away from me. But luckily she just offered him to me. She told me she didn’t want him and she was just going to “get rid of him anyway” because she can’t take care of him. He has NEVER been to a vet or been groomed, she was a younger girl and I think she had no idea how to care for the animal. I found out he will be one in July, she didn’t know the exact date. His name was Bruiser, which I have been calling him. She told me occasionally he was left alone for a few days because she didn’t have time for him. Today has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. From thinking he was going to be taken away from me, (which is equivalent to taking one of my kids away) to the joy and relief of hearing her say I can keep him, then learning the dreadful way he spent the first year of his life. But right now Bruiser and I are at ease knowing we are together for good now, it’s the greatest feeling in the world This dog is so bonded to me and vice versa. He refuses to leave my side, but that’s fine with me. I love this dog and I am so thankful for all you have done to make it possible for him to be a permanent member of our family. I am working on collecting some donations from my co-workers, who are all animal lovers, since you have helped me. I will let you know when we have it ready for you.Again, I really cannot thank you enough! I will be for ever grateful to you.Nicole and Bruiser!

7/23/12 Update:  Bruiser has been neutered and his hernia has been repaired compliments of 4P1H and the love of Nicole and her family.  Happy Beginnings!!

Viva and Her Kittens

Update July 22, 2012
These two kittens died yesterday morning. They were very sick and dehydrated. We are caring for the mom who is currently hospitalized. She was dehydrated as a result of a virus.

July 21, 2012

This is Viva. She was rescued by Warren Animal Control Officers Lisa and Kim. We shared her story earlier — she was found on the porch severely dehydrated having just given birth to 4 kittens. Two were laying there dead and 2 were near death. Viva was so young (7 months) and so severely dehydrated she couldn’t produce enough milk to feed her living kittens. The three were brought into Emergency where the remaining two kittens died. The mom, Viva, is still hospitalized by recovering. She is very sweet and affectionate.

5 Week Old Rottie Puppies

4 Paws 1 Heart will send a check to assist Dog Aide 2012 with the medical bills for their latest rescue. We’re also a big fan of Detroit Police Officer Lori Briggs who has referred cases to us before and, again, we are happy to support her work. Officer Briggs is not one to walk away when she sees cruelty or a need. ~ diana

Dog Aide was contacted by Detroit Police Officer Lori Briggs, Five 2 week old puppies alone in a field, previous owners had put rubber bands around their tails in an attempt to dock their tails, they are now covered in wounds and maggots. Dog Aide Members Mel B., Mel S. and Jen rushed to get these little guys and they are on their way to the vet now. This case is being fully documented to pursue cruelty charges. If you are able please help with a donation towards saving these precious little ones that have been out in this heat fending for themselves.