Hercules Hydrotherapy Session

Hercules had both of his back legs purposely broken as discipline for getting into the garbage. He was taken away from his owner who was charged with cruelty and received 12 months, non-report probation. Today he is in the hands of 4 Paws 1 Heart, an organization started August 18, 2010 which funds medical treatment for abandoned, abused, and stray companion animals.

Hercules Update ~ 6/26/2012

Hercules Update: I went to visit Hercules at his hydro-therapy session on Tuesday. He is getting so tall I couldn’t believe it. He’s also starting to take chances that he shouldn’t take in climbing around on things. We have to remember he is a puppy and he forgets his limitations. Also, I think the fact that he’s hanging around with 4 cats is rubbing off on him. He will again be staying with Gina for about a week and will be getting neutered during that time. He is also going to be scheduled for some behavioral training. Hercules continues to be one happy puppy. ~ diana