“This little guy was found walking in the middle of the road.  He had a sore on his body, a mass on his abdomen, very unkempt and intact.  A friend of 4P1H, Nicole, contacted us and asked if we could help get this little guy get examined and neutered.  She had been trying to find his owner but without success.  Although she could take care of his future needs, Nicole needed a little help for his current state.  4P1H is all about funding medical treatment for abandoned animals and Rusty sure seemed to fit this description.  It seemed obvious to me that even if he had owners, that had obviously neglected him.  Normally, we would pay or help pay for the medical bills then ask one of our Rescue friends to take him on, BUT in this case, we had a win/win.  We were able to get our little guy examined (negative on heartworm) and vaccinated and he will be neutered and his hernia will be repaired next month.  And, even better, he has a new loving furever home with Nicole and her children and fur family. ~ diana