Pygmy Goat

This pygmy goat was confiscated and signed over to an Animal Control Officer after a report was received that a local Pet Store was holding a Pygmy goat who, according to the caller,  had a urinary blockage for two days. The goat was listless and appeared to be close to death.  He was taken to the Krause Veterinary Clinic in Armada who treats goats and they confirmed that the goat had a urinary blockage and would require an operation or humane euthanasia.  The goat was only two months old and it just didn’t seem right to kill him after what he had gone through.  4 Paws 1 Heart agreed to take care of the operation with hopes that the City attorney will be able to get restitution as part of the animal cruelty judgement.  We hope that we can help with the demise of a pet store which has been on everyone’s radar for a long time. ~ diana

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2 thoughts on “Pygmy Goat

  1. Diana how did this little cutie make out with the surgery, and had it found a home? Thanks Susie

  2. Susie, our little goat was picked up the next day by his rescuer, Warren Animal Control Officer, Lisa Taylor, who was doing this on her own time. I have a call into Lisa to get an update on the little guy. We did have a few people interested in keeping him; after surgery, he was staying with a local veterinarian. When I got the update, I’ll let everyone know. ~ diana

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