In Memory of Crystal the Puppy

8/11/12 Crystal the puppy was another owner surrender. She was emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, and severely malnourished. She weighed 1 pound! We tried all we could to save her. Blood-work, fluids, tube feeding, and despite our efforts she passed away at 11:30pm tonight. Her short little life was taken to soon and maybe could have been prevented if her owner didn’t wait until she was unresponsive and seizing to seek medical attention! It’s very sad..but this is the world we live in. ~ Gina

Although one would have to wonder how this poor baby got to this point without someone noticing her. It reminds me of our Peanut and how she was left in a corner to die while people came and went in the owner’s home. In Peanut’s case, thank God that a concerned relative literally took the dog and brought him to the Urgent and Critical Care Center where he was taken in by Gina and now lives in the lap of luxury on Lake St. Clair. I’m sorry that no one was there for little Crystal. To honor Crystal who suffered so greatly, I’m posting her story. Speechless! ~ diana

It was just to late for us to save her little life..heartbreaking