Sweetpea Looking Good!!

From our Friends at NBS Animal Rescue :  “Sweetpea is doing VERY well – he was getting so fuzzy that it was time for him to get a profesional groom!! He got the fur on his little toes trimmed so he doesn’t slip and slide on the wood floors, his body fuzz was trimmed so that the hair regrowing where the maggots were living blends in with the rest of his furry fuzz, and his fuzzy wuzzy face and ears were trimmed up too!!

He pranced out of the grooming salon and down the streets of Royal Oak like the celebrity that he is (Did you see him on Fox 2 News yesterday demonstrating the Pet Oxygen Masks???) and hopped right in the car to go home.

Sweetpea is 100% healed from his neck drain tube, his mass removal surgeries, is finished with his antibiotics and will go back in for a blood test this week to see where his levels are at. He’s amazing with people, kids, cats, and dogs – has gained weight and is 100% potty trained! Stay tuned for an update later this week with the results of his blood work!”

Congrats to Vincenzo!

A Vinnie Update from our friends at NBS Animal Rescue:

“Congratulations to Vincenzo!!! Vinnie found a fantastic fur-ever home with the MacDonald family!
Vinnie now has three adorable kids to romp and play with, two loving parents who are doing a great job of continuing to teach Vinnie to potty
outside and keep those puppy teeth on toys and not fingers! He has a HUGE fenced backyard to play in and is loved very much!
We’re so happy to welcome the MacDonald’s to the NBS Animal Rescue Family and wish you many years of happiness, laughter, and great memories with Vincenzo! Happy Tails Vinnie!! ♥”

Can You Spot SweetPea?

From our friends at NBS Animal Rescue — can you spot our little Sweetpea? One day he was ravaged by maggots and now he’s hanging out with firefighters.  Sweetpea was also on Fox 2 Detroit on Saturday and Sunday (8/25 and 8/26) demonstrating the oxygen mask. ~ diana

“NBSAR volunteers, board members, and canines Corbin and Sweet Pea hit the streets to deliver Pet Oxygen Mask kits to the Detroit Precinct 1 Fire Department and the Warren Fire Department. Both departments were so gracious and excited to have the Pet Oxygen Mask kits for the rigs. You can see the story on Fox 2 tonight at 6PM and 10PM where our fearless leader, Rebecca Akins, talks about our fundraiser with our under 18 volunteers, Jonas and Bailey.

We raised over $1,500 last month and ordered 19 kits to pass out to local fire departments. Warren received 3 today. Detroit received 11. Clawson and Washington will be receiving their kits next weekend.

Both Detroit and Warren were so thankful to us for thinking of them and their needs. Budgets have been cut for public services and there is rarely enough money to buy all the things they need, especially for our canine and feline companions.

We hope they never are in the position to need them, but they are now equipped with the kits to help save lives if they do.”

Hercules at Partidge Creek

Hello, Just a quick update on Hercules for his fans!  Hercules has been very busy with his rehab exercises and walks, but there is always time for play too.  He is doing quite well with his balance exercises, which we use different size peanuts to challenge him (see photo).  He also is doing better walking over his cavaletti rails.  He now walks 1/2 mile daily on one of his regular walks (the others are shorter).  He is learning all his basic obedience commands and enjoys his rally sessions too.  We have been going to Partridge Creek for some of his walks to incorporate distractions, learn good puppy manners and to meet the public too.  He is a big hit with the kids every time we go!
More next week!
Dr. Kern and Hercules

Tari Kern, DVM, CVMA, CCRP
Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets