Gracie (now known as Angie)

UPDATE 9/28/2012:  Gracie (now known as Angie):  Cynthia, our 4P1H Board member and foster for A Scooter’s ResQ, sent us this message and photo. ~ diana   “Angie is so cute…love her already. Thank you, Gina, for saving her she will make someone a very special companion.”

4P1H NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Gracie was bleeding out of her ear and couldn’t walk. Her eye on the right side was off for two days, but after emergency medical care from our doctors and staff, I’m happy to say she is eating, walking, purring soooo loudly. A child slammed a door on her and ruptured her eardrum on the right side. She was surrendered over to 4 paws 1 heart who paid for her medical needs and gave her a second chance.Gracie is a stray female kitten, about 11 weeks old, and all white with the exception of a gray spot in the middle of her forehead. WE NEED HELP FROM ONE OF OUR RESCUE FRIENDS TO TAKE HER IN TO FIND HER A HOME WHERE SHE WILL BE LOVED AND TAKEN CARE OF. If you can help, contact Gina at [email protected] ~ gina

In Memory of Blake

BLAKE: I am brokenhearted to report that our little Blake did not make it. Gina thought she was turning the corner and had a lot of hope. Unfortunately, she died in Gina’s arms. The staff of the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center did everything possible to save this little sweetheart and gave her lots of love and medical care while she was in the hospital. The person responsible for her just waited too long to get her treatment. There are so many cases of Parvo going on right now. Gina and I are working on a way to get the message out there about the symptoms and dangers. May this little beauty rest in peace and finally be enjoying the life of a puppy with all of the babies who have gone before her. ~ diana

PRAYERS NEEDED; Blake is a female, mixed breed, 12 week old puppy who needs your prayers!! She has Parvo Virus and she is currently hospitalized while 4 paws 1 heart pays for her medical treatment. Blake is just hanging on. We are doing everything that can be done for her, but it’s a nasty virus that leaves an unpredictable and, much too often, grave prognosis.

Another Life Saved

Update 09/28/2012 – The following e-mail was sent by the new dad. ~diana
“Well, it can finally be announced that Cali Purrbox has officially tak
en over the apartment and my heart. She only needed a few hours to come out of hiding and explore my hand, arm, lap, and face. Then it was (and still is) the rest of her new home. During all of these maneuvers, she has purred and talked to me constantly. Her appetite returned yesterday; and, she respects her pan. So, I’d say things are going well, and I thank God for the whole experience that brought us together. So, yadonegoodlady! Will try to keep you updated; but, she just seems to be so normal, an extraordinary feline, you know the results of her amazing journey. Keep up the tremendous work.”

Another Life Saved! A couple of weeks ago I made a 4 Paws 1 Heart presentation to the Mt.Clemens Lion Club. A gentleman who I had met before (Bill) told me that he had been mourning the loss of his cat who had died this past July; but, he was now ready to save another little one.

I told him that I would let him know the next time we were looking for a home. Well, this past week-end Gina received a call from a woman whose grandmother had died and left a six year old, totally declawed, female cat. The granddaughter took in the cat but she also has a couple of children, dogs, and two other cats. Grandma’s cat did not fit in well and had urinating issues because of the trauma and stress. The granddaughter asked Gina if she could find a home for the cat or she would have to take her to the shelter. I immediately thought of Bill. I told him of the situation and, without hesitation, he agreed to take in this soon to be homeless baby. After being examined by the doctor and tested for urinary tract issues, Gina delivered the kitty to Tony and I. This kitty is so sweet and lovable; she kept trying to be petted through the gate of the carrier. We happily delivered this sweetie to her new home and we know that she will be well cared for and loved. May God Watch over this cutie and her new dad. ~ diana


IN MEMORIAM: Taz was humanely euthanized with funds from 4 paws 1 Heart because the family didn’t have sufficient funds and he was suffering. Taz was hit by a car and had severe internal damage. May he rest in peace with all of our other little furbabies who have gone before him. ~ Gina

Charm a.k.a Olivia

UPDATE: Charm — now known as Olivia — was brought to the attention of 4P1H last November, 2011 when she was just 11 weeks old. Her leg was broken in so many places it had to be amputated. Just a short while after her surgery, Gina brought her over and I couldn’t believe how well she was doing. She was adopted not long afterward by a wonderful woman who has given Olivia a loving and caring home. Here are current photos of this little beauty.

IN MEMORIAM: Marty the Cat

IN MEMORIAM: Marty is a cat signed over to 4 Paws 1 Heart from the Roseville Animal Control Officer. Unfortunately, after 24 hours he had to be euthanized due to the extent of his injuries. His jaw was broken beyond repair, and he was suffering some neurological symptoms. We think he was hit by a car. May this little guy rest in peace. ~ Gina

Big Thanks to Seasonings

BIG THANKS!!! To Dinah and William Brinson, their fur family, and the customers of their cafe, Seasonings, located in Oakland Township. During their August Dog Days of Summer event, their generous customers donated $150 in paw prints and the Brinson family matched that donation. That’s a lot of money to help our little ones like Bernise and the many others who come into our lives. Many of you might remember that Dinah and William are the proud parents of our Ruby Faith (aka Ruby Slippers) who was rescued by Gina and Dave. Ruby Faith was Ms. August in our 4P1H calendar. Here’s a photo of her when Gina and Dave found her. Check out her story in our facebook notes. We are planning to visit the restaurant real soon and I encourage all of our friends in the area to do the same. I’ve heard some great things about it. ~ diana

Three Puppies in Critical Condition

These three puppies were surrendered to 4 Paws 1 Heart. The mom passed away after giving birth to 7 puppies.  Four of the puppies were dead upon birth and the three remaining puppies are being cared for by Gina.  They were six days old, two females, and one male, when they were surrendered.   The puppies are a Pekingese, Shih tzu, and Poodle mix. They are in the critical stage, plus they have a staff infection, and only time will tell if they make it.  They will not eat from a bottle so they must be tube fed.  They are also on antibiotics. (9/23/12)