Detroit Police Officers Help a Pit Bull!

6/11/13 Detroit Police Officers step up to help a pit bull! We need a rescue to take in this female Pit Bull Mix ASAP! She was sitting on the porch in the pouring rain tonight at a residential home just crying to come in for shelter. Shehas some puncture wounds but more than anything she is scared, hungry, and tired. Within 5 minutes she was snuggled up to me.

When we got the call, I almost said no because of the fear of not having a place for her to go, but for all the help we give to other groups, I thought that surely someone would step up to help.

She is about 1 year old and weighs 46#. Tomorrow I will get her a nice warm bath because she is filthy:( We will get her fully vetted and up to date to ensure she is good to go.-gina