Petunia found in some bushes in Detroit

6/23/13  Once again we are happy to be able to help our rescue friends in their efforts. This is Petunia who was rescued by Home Fur-Ever; medical dollars have been sent her way with much love. ~ diana

Petunia (4 photos)
Our wonderful friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart are once again donating funds to one of the dogs of HFE. Please take a minute to go to their page and like it and tell them HFE sent you. This is Petunia. She was found in some bushes in Detroit in early May. She had to be anestized because she was so matted and she had terrible dermatitis that had caused her skin to develop Elephant skin, which is a toughening and thickening of the skin from severe allergies. She had it all over her neck, one ear, her back thigh and down her leg and all four paws She had two huge mammary tumors removed, as well as a chain of smaller tumors from her other nipples. She lost six out of her nine nipples. She was also spayed and had her ears flushed. She had 43 staples from her mid chest down to her groin. Petunia is recovering nicely in her foster home and her foster mom is very smitten with her. Thanks again 4 Paws 1 Heart for your continued support!~HFE