GREAT NEWS!!! Felix (aka Felicia) is safe and warm tonight. After so many days of Brennen trying to capture our Felix, Brennen opened his door and Felix walked through it!! Who said she isn’t smart? When Brennen called me she was sitting with him purring while he petted her. She is being kept separate from the other household kittie and she will hopefully go to her new home tomorrow. 4 Paws 1 Heart will take care of her medical needs. I cannot express how happy we all are. Remember when we first posted her plight? ~ diana

Misfit Angel Puppies

Thank You, Misfit Angels, for always being there. We are thrilled that we can help you with some of your medical bills. Wish we could do more but you will always be on our ‘list’. May God watch over these babies. ~ diana
Picked up these 5 today before heading to the county.. Urine soaked.. Very wormy kids.. They all had baths, been dewormed and are now sleeping.. Thank you to Lisa, Barb, Jessica and Matt!! ~Misfits