DOZER – Found Wandering in the Middle of a Busy Street

2/18/15 – We are calling him Dozer. Good Samaritans found him in the middle of the street last night. They were driving by and picked him up from the freezing cold. He was a huge risk of being hit by a car especially in the dark. We took him into our organization willing to provide medical care. He has a long overdue skin problem that we are trying to diagnose. We have contacted animal control and will look for his owners, but we are searching for a rescue to help just in dozer2:18:15dozer::2:18:15case we don’t find his family. Gina

Princess – Her Owners Could No Longer Take Care of Her

2/18/15 – princess2:18:15This little Princess was given up by her family because they could no longer care for her. We offered to take her, and in a short amout of time we were able to place her with a wonderful rescue. She will be fully vetted and then placed up for adoption. I’m glad the previous owners didn’t just dump her on the streets like many cases we see.. She will have a wonderful life. ♡ Gina

Juliet – Recovering from the Parvovirus

2/18/15 – I’m very happy to report that “Juliet” was eating and drinking since late last night! She was doing so well that the hospital discharged her today. She went with Happy Tails Rescue, and we are so grateful that they came through for us! Thank you Happy Tails!! She will be with them until she is fully back to normal. If you are interested in adoption please contact the rescue.
Thank you to Moore Vet Hospital Staff and the Animal Urgent And Critical Care Staff, for allowing 4 paws one heart to give this beautiful girl her 2nd chance! ♡

PRECIOUS – Used For Bait and Left in a Garbage Can to Freeze to Death

2/17/15 – No living being should EVER have to go through this. Thank you to Detroit Pit Crew for your many saves in the City of Detroit. This is Precious who as reported by Detroit Pit Crew, was used for bait and mauled. She has both old and new bite wounds as well as infection. After suffering from being attacked she was dumped in a trash can and left for dead. She is just one of many recent saves in this brutal weather with far too many brutal people and 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we can help in your efforts. ~ dianapreciousw:detroitpitcrew2:17:15Preciousw::detroitpitcrew2:17:15

I’ll Call Her Valentina (for now) – Pray That She Survives Parvovirus

2/14/15 – Valentina-2:14:15This 10 week old female puppy is currently hospitalized and being treated for Parvo Virus. 4 paws1 heart is paying for her medical, but we need a rescue group lined up to place her if she pulls through this. Thank you Moore Veterinary Hospital for contacting us to give this baby a chance. We should give her a Valentine Day Name. ♡ Any suggestions?

HOPE – Thrown Out with His Mom and 2 Siblings

2/14/15 – This is Hope. He is one of 3 cats thrown out by a neighbor of a 4 Paws 1 Heart friend. She contacted us because although she has been feeding him for the past 8 months, he needed our help. Hope had a very nasty wound on his leg. Of course we agreed to help with medical and after receiving treatment, he is ready to go to a forever home. Please share this handsome boy. He will be neutered and up to date on vaccines before adoption. CONTACT: Mary St. Onge at (586)339-0444 or [email protected].