Huey, Louie, and Dewey – 1 Week Old Kittens SAVED

Meet our latest additions as of 6pm today! They are about 1 week old orphan kittens. Our very good friend and amazing technician from Advanced Animal Emergency Hospital, has offered to hand-raise these beautiful sweethearts. This is VERY hard work, but Amanda is one of the very best! Huge thanks to her for stepping up! They will be transported later on tonight.. Once they are eating and ready, we will place them in a rescue group for permanent forever homes. Gina.

Chance – Uses His Litter Box for the First Time

4/9/15 – Can someone say ‘miracle’. Please keep our little Chance in your prayers and positive energy. Thanks again to Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets for your wisdom and expertise. Here is a report from Foster Mama Dee ~ diana

Omg! Guess what???? I used the litterbox last night!!!!! Yes my foster mom helped me get my back half in, and yes she helped me steady myself, but Im the one who hurled my top half over the side of the box to let her know I wanted to try and use the box and Im the one who did my buisness in the box! Annnnnd….Im kicking my back legs in reaction to getting my tummy tickled!!!! Im working really hard at my excercises and my foster mom says there is definitely marked improvement in my back legs and Im swinging my tail. Tomorrow I have another appt with Dr. Kern, I cant wait to show her what I can do!!!! Happy Thursday everybody! And please remember to continue to donate and support 4 Paws 1 Heart so kitties and dogs like me can continue getting the medical help we need  Love & purrs, Chance”chance4:9:15

Ginger – The Beauty

4/8/15 – Last week Ginger had surgery on an old gun shot wound that was causing irritation to her ankle bone. One of our doctors at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center worked very hard to clean out the bullet fragments. Today Ginger is doing well, but the next thing we will be looking at scheduling is her first heartworm treatment. She is a survivor and she has had so much love surrounding her. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. It will be a long road before she is out of the woods.. We will update soon.. Ginaginger 4:9:15

Joy – At Home and Recovering from Leg Surgery

4/8/15 – joy at homeaftersurgery4:8:15Here is beautiful Joy all snuggled up and recovering from her final knee surgery today. She is on pain meds and getting pampered. Her pelvic fractures and previous knee surgery have healed well. Now, once she gets over this hurdle she will be good! Thank you all for the prayers, donations, and positive energy!!!! She is a little lover and I miss her wet kisses! Joy is in good hands and she has a HUGE fan club (I’m her biggest fan). ♡ Gina

Re-Enrollment Period for All Kroger Reward Customers

4/715 – IMPORTANT REMINDER! 4 Paws 1 Heart could not have paid almost $85,000 in medical bills in 2014 if we didn’t have the support of individual donors and community partners, like Kroger. Every April you must re-enroll your charity of choice, so please take a few moments to make sure that 4 Paws 1 Heart continues to benefit when you shop. Please keep in mind that if you registered for the first time just prior to April 1, you must re-enroll again. I hope the attached is helpful and if you have any problems, please contact 1-800-KROGERS PLEASE SHARE ~ dianakroger instructions

Joy – Recovers from Her Recent Surgery

4/8/15 – As of about 3:45 pm Joy is awakening from her final knee surgery. She looks so vulnerable and we do love her. For those of you that remember Joy, she was saved by 2 awesome Michigan State Troopers after being found injured from being hit by a car. Joy had her final surgery today which consisted of TPLO on her knee. Thanks to the support from all of you, we were able to cover the costs of her surgeries. Joy was adopted into a permanent home where she will continue her physical therapy with Dr. Tari Kern. We hope to update you again soon! ~ diana & gina.joyaftersurgery4:8:15

Hansel and Gretel – Backyard Breeders Willing to Sell Puppies to Anyone for $20

4/8/15 – 4 paws 1 Heart recently saved these 2 ADORABLE 8 week old puppies named ” Hansel and Gretel”. They came from a home where the previous owners were selling them for $20 each. This is why we push to spay and neuter your animals! Both puppies could’ve wound up in very bad situations. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened to the rest of the litter, but we were at least able to help 2, and NO we did not pay for them. Aaron Fortin from NBS Rescue helped us network them into another rescue called POET. With all channels working hard to arrange transport these babies are now in a rescue safe. If u want information on adoption contact POET Rescue. Gina

Gordy (aka Beubien) – He Came To Us Dying of Parvo

4/8/15 – Good Morning News! You may remember our Gordy who was brought into the Emergency at 8 weeks old dying of parvo. With much care and love by Gina and the staff, Gordy recovered and was taken in by our friends with Happy Tails K9 + Feline Rescue. Well, we are happy to report that Gordy has been adopted by a great couple. Here are some photos of Gordy when he was first brought into the Emergency and now in his new home with his new Detroit Tigers shirt and his new big brother, Bagley. BTW, Gordy’s new name is Beaubien (Beau for short). If you are not familiar with Detroit, ‘Bagley’ is a street around the old Detroit Tiger stadium and ‘Beaubien’ is a street around the new stadium, Comerica Park. Do you think Beau’s new parents like the Detroit Tigers???? ~ dianaBagley&Beubien (aka Gordy4:4:15gordy (akaBeaubien4:6:15gordie3:10:15