RIP – Sorry We Couldn’t Do Any More

7/5/15 – A call I received last night. We had hoped we could save this sweet cat but it was too late. People who think a domesticated cat can fend for themselves on the street are very wrong. They are not feral and do not have instincts needed to survive in this ‘jungle’. The cruelty of the human being can be overwhelming to understand.

“To the crazy, cruel, heartless, idiot corner lady: just want you to know that your cat, you know, the one you threw out along with the other 3 becuse you got a dog? The one I got spayed for you along with the other 3 when you left them out to fend for themselves 3 yrs ago??? Yeah, that cat. Well tonight while our pets were home alone terrified of the fireworks while we were at the emergency vet with your cat becuse the neighbors found it laying in the dirt in their yard with water dripping from a hose on its head gasping for air with fireworks going off all around her. They sent their kid over to our house instead of yours to ask for help becuse they knew we cared, unlike you. We held her paws & whispered in her ear how sorry we were that you let her become totally emaciated and that her lungs were so full of fluid they were only operating at 25%. We told her how sorry we were that she was too sick to be saved and gave her kjsses while the dr put her to sleep. Her vet bill was paid by 4 Paws 1 Heart by money donated by people who cared more about your cat then you did. RIP Beautiful girl ~ Dee”RIP=denisnajera7:4:15

Chance – His Back Legs are Paralyzed

7/3/15 – Good Morning Team Chance!!!! Sorry we have not been posting to much, moms computer crashed and she kinds got it working but its very iffy right now. But while its working I gotta tell you about my latest trick I pulled on mom & Aunt Shelly! So…I didnt go see Dr. Kern yesterday becuse Im having a bit of pee issues that will be addressed at the regular vet on Monday, but I still want to be out of my tower and have some fun! So yesterday I decided to have some fun with mom! Shes been giving me a lot of time out of my tower, like most of the day cus Im pretty good at not getting myself into too much trouble. So when she was cleaning my tower and the fosters tower yesterday I decided a good game of hide and seek was in order! Mom and Aunt Shelly was looking ALL OVER the place for me, it was sooooo funny! CHANCE! CHANCE! Where are you?????? Bahahaha!!!! I went upstairs all by myself!!!! But when I heard their voice get that panicky sound, I came lickety split back down the stairs…..all by myself!!!!! That was sooooooo funny, right mom? Right mom???? Mom?!?!?!? Oh well, guess you had to be there. Have a great holiday weekend everybody, be safe! Meow for now, Love Chancechance7:3:15

5k Walk/Run Fur Fun – September 12, 2015

July 3, 2015 – Last year we had almost 200 fun walkers and runners join us for our 1st Annual Walk/Run Fur Fun event on the Nautical Mile. This year we are hoping that it is bigger and better. Our 2nd Annual event will be at the beautiful Lake St. Clair Metro Park in Harrison Twp., MI. This year includes some other fun things like the Best Dog Costume Contest, Food, Vendors, and Photo Booth. AND, we will be raffling off an I-Pad Mini!!! September 12, 2015 — Be there for the Animals!! ~ diana5kentryform

Lux – No One Claimed Her – Found Wandering the Street – Heart Worm Positive

7/2/15 – This sweet girl, Lux, is another victim of heart worm. She was found wandering the streets; no owner could be found. A caring veterinary technician took her in and is going to give her a forever, loving home. 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for her heart worm treatment which is made more affordable because of the generosity of Dr. Patterson. Please remember that we cannot do this without the support of our friends. If you have a few extra dollars, consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart. 99% of the money you donate goes directly to the animals we help. Not too many organizations can say that. Thank You, as always, for your support! ~ diana

luxw:Stephaniefrom Patterson6:30:15

Happy Funny – Found with a Broken Leg

We offered to help with this injured stray cat that was found weeks ago with this horrible broken front leg. Despite this traumatic break, she is super sweet and loves her butt We offered to help with this injured stray cat that was found weeks ago with this horrible broken front leg. Despite this traumatic break, she is super sweet and loves her butt scrached so we are calling her “Happy Fanny”. Tonight she was assessed by Dr. Graves, and she needs surgery to remove the leg asap. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow early afternoon. Please pray for her recovery. GinaHappyFanny7:2:15HappyFanny7:2:::15

It Take a Village – Kitten Found on the Street

7/2/15 – advancedanimalemergency:tigerlilykitten7:2:15Thank you Advanced Animal Emergency for your compassion towards all animals. ♡
I was contacted last night about this kitten. We offered to help and just so happens that a foster from Tiger Lilly Rescue was available to take her in today. Huge thank you to Lynsey at Advanced, Andrea the new foster, and Tiger Lilly Rescue for giving this baby a chance. ♡ Gina

Sweet and Sour – Go To the Moore Veterinary Adoption Program – SCS,MI

7/2/15 – sweet:sourw:dr.graves7:2:15We are calling them “Sweet” and “Sour”. Here is Dr. Graves and Alicia giving the kittens some lovins. 4 paws1 heart has covered their exam, boarding, first deworming, eye medication, and feluk/fiv testing. They have checked out healthy and are coming around slowly especially the calico. They will be going up for adoption soon at Moore Veterinary Hospital. Huge thank you to Brenda for lining this up, and we greatly appreciate Moore Veterinary Hospital for helping with these babies!!!!! Gina

Loki – found in a Semi-Truck with Her Litter Siblings

7/1/15 – Slowly But Surely!! More good news about another baby who will be adopted. Loki was one of a litter of kittens found in a semi-truck in Troy, MI and rescued by our friend, Debra B. and then taken in by Patricia DiMaggio Siergiej. Please keep sharing because for every kitten adopted, there are dozens more waiting in the wing for a foster or permanent home. ~ dianalokiw:patdimaggio6:28:15

Dory – A Pool Deck Baby – Finds Her Forever Home

7/1/15 – “dory:pooldeckbaby6:8:15Little Dory has found her forever home! Her new dad is a 2nd time 4 Paws 1 Heart adopter Doug Sekol. She will have a fur sister, Sassy. Dory will return to me on 7/20 and spend the night before her vet appt on 7/21 for her spay, final booster & rabies shot. Thankyou Doug for choosing adoption, and thankyou for choosing Dory! Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for all of Dory’s vetting! – Foster Mom Dee:

Pearl and Bubbles – Found at Just Days Old Under a Pool Deck

7/1/15 – So these two little cutie pies are still looking for their forever homes. The gray female is Pearl, the black male with the beautiful long hair is Bubbles. They are 8-9 wks, litter trained, happy, healthy, playful kittens. They have their 1st and 2nd boosters and will be getting their 3rd, rabies and spay/neuter in a couple weeks. All vetting thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, thankyou 4 Paws….you rock! So if you fall madly in love with 1 or even better both of these sweet faces and have a loving, safe, indoor only home to share please contact me here or at [email protected]

Happy Update:  Adopted together on 7/13/15!!! ~ diana
bubbles:pearl7:1:15bubbles7:1:15 pearl7:1:15