Annabelle, Missy, and Jordan – A Second Chance at Life

12/8/16 – As you prepare your end-of-the-year gift giving, please consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Since August, 2010, 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid $442,000 in medical bills for almost 4,000 animals. Unlike so many non-profit organizations, 4 Paws 1 Heart is a totally volunteer organization with all operating expenses paid by my husband and I, and our Board members. 99 cents of every dollar goes directly to the health and welfare of the abandoned and stray animals we commit to help. And, your donation is totally tax deductible. We have helped so many cats this year, that it has almost been impossible to keep up with their stories. Here are a few that we’ve helped along the way. All have been given a second chance at life because of you. — Annabelle, Missy, and Jordan. ~ diana


Benny – Found Amongst Feral Cats; Unable to Move

12/7/16 – Over the past 6 years we have helped our share of dogs and cats but this year we have had an overwhelming number of cats and kittens who have needed our help. Benny is one of them. Benny was around 3-4 weeks old when he was found next to a bowl of food placed on a porch for feral cats. The finder’s young son heard cries and realized that Benny could hardly move. His eyes were sealed shut and he was so heavily congested, he was wheezing. He could not eat on hisown and had to be bottle fed. It appeared that someone had dropped him off. A family was found who agreed to foster Benny and help him find a permanent home. 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for his medical bills and we are happy to report that Benny is doing well and has been scheduled for neutering. Benny would have surely died had caring people not gotten involved. ~ dianabenny-2016benny-2016benny-2016 benny-12216

Wayne – Found Alone on a College Campus

12/6/16 – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by people that they are continually in awe of the number of animals who are abandoned and in need of help. And, we are just one organization. This little sweetie is Wayne. A good friend of ours has a daughter who attends Wayne State University and she found this little baby alone, wandering the streets. Shortly after taking in Wayne, our friend noticed that Wayne’s belly was very large; he was only about 3 lbs. He passed a lot of worms but his belly size did not decrease. He was taken to a vet. Tests, x-rays, and ultra sounds were done but no one could find why Wayne’s belly was so large. The vet did not seem to be concerned and said that Wayne could be neutered. When another vet was seen, that vet was concerned about the size of Wayne’s belly. They also found that Wayne had a bad case of gingivitis and estimated he was about 5 1/2 months old — yet, he was the size of a 3 month old — more tests were done. Nothing definitive was found but it was suggested that Wayne be given smaller amounts of food, more times a day. It is still unknown what might be going on with Wayne and he will be seeing a specialist. Our friend, who rescues many cats, has paid for most of Wayne’s medical but we agreed to help. Wayne is a very sweet boy who loves to sit on a lap and get petted. We do not want to imagine what Wayne’s life would have been like on the streets had he not been rescued. He is receiving much love and hopefully the specialist will be able to ensure that Wayne is on the road to full recovery.wayne-wloristephens-12616

Mila – May You Rest in Peace

12/4/16 My heart aches and I can’t help but question myself. Baby Kitty (aka Mila) died today. I just can’t help but feel she should have never had surgery but the decision was not originally ours to make. Our original agreement was to pay 1/3 of the medical bills. But, once she had surgery, we agreed to pay the entire bill. My policy of approving medical assistance based on prognosis and quality of life was not in play in this instance. I had no idea until after the fact that Mila’s prognosis was poor and that the surgery was “unchartered territory” according to the most recent statement by the veterinarian. I am so sorry sweet Kitty/Mila for having failed you and making you suffer when maybe you could have lived a few more weeks or months enjoying your rescue family. I know you are no longer in pain and are enjoying a new life with our many loved ones who have gone before us. Please know that you were loved and will be missed. RIP Sweet Mila/Kitty. ~ dianamila-113016

Mila and Carlos Need Prayers

Dear Prayer Warriors, We need your prayers now, please. Little Kitty (aka Mila), the sweetie who was operated on November 23, 2016 needs your positive energy and prayers. Her ribs had to be spread open with an apparatus so that her lungs could expand and grow; also, all of her organs needed to be put in place. Dr. Wilson advises that this is unchartered territory. I can’t help but question whether this was the right decision for this baby. We know she could not have lived very long under the condition she was in but to know what she must be going through right now, breaks our hearts.

Also, our sweetie, Carlos, needs your prayers. As Chance says, his tumor is growing very fast, just as we knew it would once it started. Again, we are thinking about Carlos’ quality of life and right now he is eating and looking ‘sharp’ but we know that we can’t stop the aggressive tumors from coming. We wish these sweet creatures could talk so that we could know what to do all of the time and what they need from us. What we can provide though is much love and that is what is going on right now in Chance’s home. Thank YOU. ~ diana


Tobias – Update: We Didn’t Think He Would Survive

tobias-1211612/1/16 – More Happy Updates Because YOU help us make miracles happen. Remember Tobias? It was November 29, 2014 when two good Samaritans witnessed a hit-and-run involving a dog (in the Livonia, MI area). They immediately picked up his injured body and began looking for help. It was about midnight, freezing cold, and they called several places–most were closed. And then, they contacted the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center. Gina offered to help by covering the cost of the dog’s medical needs because, at that point, we didn’t know if the dog had an owner. Immediately, that night the staff tried to stabilize him as he was in shock and they had to support his injuries with pain management. He had a fractured pelvis and possibly ligament damaged in his knee. Shortly after arriving, the dog, now named Tobias, had to have emergency surgery due to severe trauma from being hit by a car. About 5 inches of dead intestine had to be removed because he was regurgitating and was very uncomfortable despite pain management. Exploratory surgery was done and we could not thank Dr. Maria Rivera and Dr. David Balaj enough for literally saving this this dog’s life!!! What occurred inside of Tobias was RARE, but without surgery that night, he probably would have eventually died–very soon. Besides everything found during surgery, Tobias also had 3 pelvic fractures that needed time to heal with cage rest.

This was yet another dog that was delivered to us for help and given a second chance. Tobias’ age was estimated at 1-2yrs old and the owners never came forward.

When Tobias was ready to be released from the hospital, a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart (who happened to be the wife of Joy’s rescuer, Michigan State Trooper Joel), offered to take in Tobias during his recovery and assist with finding him a forever home. Fast forward to now and Tobias is now living the life of much love and happiness. As I’ve often said, the lives we’ve saved are the result of many caring people coming together toward one goal–the animal. Thank you to our wonderful vets and vet techs, rescuers, fosters, and, most importantly, donors. May God Bless You All, ~ diana

Bumper – Update: Living With Just One Eye Doesn’t Slow Him Down

11/30/16 – Thank You to all of our very generous supporters and those who have donated during our Giving Tuesday events. In honor of all of you, I would like to continue our happy updates — even though we are still responding to new requests every day.

You might remember Bumper. A very kind man had been caring for a very sweet stray kitten who was living on an industrial site. It was September, 2016 and the kitten’s eye looked like it was ready to burst. The kind man named the kitten Bumper because the poor baby kept running into objects. He contacted us for help and, as I’m proud to say, we jumped in. Bumper’s eye did in fact burst and had to be removed and he spent his recovery time in a very loving home. He is now back with his ‘savior’, obviously, loving life. Here he is now with his fur siblings, bondo and panther. Thank you for making miracles happen, ~ dianabumper-middle-113016bumper-when-rescued-2016