Kris Kringle – Wandering Alone in a Parking Lot in Detroit, MI

12/26/16 – Meet Kris Kringle. On December 20, I received a call for help. This little kitten had been wandering in a parking lot on Jefferson in Detroit. All of the property authorities were contacted but no one could help. And all of the food and shelter the caller put out, kept being taken. She was desperate to help this very sweet, helpless kitty. I contacted a few people in our Village and our great friend, Jo. A., answered our call for help and was able to rescue him two days later. Of course, 4p1h will be taking care of his medical. Little Kris is now safe and warm and looking for his forever home. If you are interested, contact It’s an honor to play a role in this phenomenal Village.kris-kringle-122216

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