Feral Cats – Everyone Can Make A Difference

4/4/17 – Please, please, please open your hearts and your homes to the abandoned, stray, and abused. There are so many innocent animals, especially, cats who need loving homes. If you can’t make a forever commitment, maybe you could foster for one of the many rescues we work with — this is your chance to make a difference. Here is what happens when cats are dumped on the streets without being neutered/spayed. The female can have a litter 3 times a year. A litter can be as many as 9 babies. 4 months after the babies are born, they can go on to have more babies. Talk about babies having babies. 4 Paws 1 Heart has assisted many individuals over the past 6 years in their attempts to stop the overpopulation and carnage — and YES, I said carnage, because so many of these innocents wind up dead on the streets. Drivers hit them, people torture them, or they just die from the brutality of living on the streets. 4 Paws 1 Heart is currently assisting with this group of 30 cats who are being brought into All About Animals during this month of free spaying and neutering. We are assisting with upper respiratory infections and other medical issues. Please share and educate. And, as you can see, the kind people who care for community cats are always in need of food. If you come to any of our fundraisers, please bring cat food and we will make sure it will be used for community cats. ~ dianaferal detroit cats 4:4:17feral cats:detroit 4:417

Winnie – She Kept Breaking Away from Her Abusive Owner

4/3/17 – Winnie kept showing up at the rescuer’s home with a chain around her neck – broken. The homeowner posted on lost and found pages without results. Winnie looked like she had been beaten due to wounds and scars on her head. She also appeared to have been used for breeding. The rescuer held onto Winnie for 3 weeks and was ready to give up when our good friend, Sandra A., found someone who has since become a ‘foster failure. We were contacted and, of course, we paid for Winnie to be spayed, vaccinated, tested, treated for fleas and worms, and have her wounds treated. We are thrilled to see her being loved and happy. ~ dianawinnie -- 4:3:17winnie 4:3:17 --winnie 3:3:17

Rosie Roo – Needs Your Prayers

rosie roo 4:1:174/2/17 – Please say a prayer for our Rosie Roo. ~ diana

“Hi Team, its me…Rosie Roo⚘ Soooo, apparently its a good thing mom caught me doing the butt scoot boogie across the patio this morning. While I was at the vetsgetting my bootie…ummm…emptied out..they noticed something that they thought requires further examination. Further examination mom???
Seriously…back there??? They told mom they felt some polyps, what the heck are polyps???
Anyways, they want mom to bring me back to have these polyp thingys checked out. So mom called Auntie Di at 4 Paws 1 Heart and 4 Paws loves me sooo much that they authorized for mom to make the appointment for next week. Umm thanks Auntie Di…I think 😯 Mom says it will all be ok and I shouldnt worry, but please say a little prayer that shes right. Anyway, thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for always having my back….side! On that note, its time for all of us to get our treats, kisses & cuddles and climb into out soft beds. We love you all soooo much and will keep you posted on my bum! Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Rosie, Chance & the Gang”

Carlos – Forever in Our Hearts

April, 2017 – We’ll be remembering our sweet boy, all month long.

 “Happy April 1st Team Chance! Its bittersweet for us that our beloved Carlos is not here to celebrate his calender month with us. But we know how lucky we were that he graced us with his majesticness for a year, which was much longer then the drs predicted. He taught us so much about love and how important hospice care is. Becuse of 4 Paws 1 Heart he had an excellent quality of life for that year, and we made sure that every day was special and filled with love. We miss you, we love you and we’re sure you’re enjoying watching the antics of your little namesake…Carla. Until we meet again, you will always be Forever in our Hearts Carlos ❤ ~ Chance”Carlos 3:30:17

Zena – Her Elderly Mom was Scammed Out of All of Her Money

3/31/17 – Zena was rescued at seven weeks old. She had been abused by her owner and found with broken ribs and head trauma. She is now two years old and is having seizures but her elderly mom was scammed out of all of her money and did not have the money to have Zena examined. Zena’s mom lives in a senior citizen housing complex for low/no income seniors. In the past, we have made connections to assist the tenants with food and medical. Although our mission restricts us to abandoned and stray animals, we will always try to find a way to assist elderly owners who have been targeted by criminals and our veterans who fall on hard times. We will keep our supporters updated. ~ dianazena w:elderly woman in Mt. Clemens 3:24:17

Lucy – Happy Update – From Being Chained in a Garage to a Loving Home

3/30/17 – Happy Update!!! You might remember that we were contacted in early January about a very sweet dog who was dumped at a paint garage. Lucy, was ‘dumped’ by the owner’s daughter. She left for overseas and didn’t want the dog any more. The owner of the garage was going to offer Lucy for free on Craig’s list or just give her away to one of his customers; she was being kept chained in a bay. Our friend, Wendy, at C.H.A.I.N.E.D., was doing outreach in the area and couldn’t leave her to that fate. We were contacted and we agreed to some ‘simple’ vetting. Well, as is typical with ‘dumped’ dogs, this girl not only needed to be spayed, vaccinated, and tested, but her runny, painful eye is a result of Entropion. I’ve talked about this condition before in that it is very painful and can eventually cause blindness. Thank God for Wendy and her partner who rescued this girl. Lucy had her surgery for the entropion, was spayed and vaccinated (complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart) and now she has been ADOPTED!!! Just before the adoption was finalized, Lucy was again taken to the vet because of some fur loss. It was discovered that Lucy has demodex mange, so we again assisted for the final time before Lucy went on to her forever home. So here she is from living ‘chained in a paint garage’ to the home of a loving family. Your donations can make a difference in the lives of these forgotten, loving animals. Donations can be made through paypal by using the donate link on this page, or by going to our website 4paws1heart.org, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080lucy 3:30:17lucy w: wendy stroup 1:5:17lucy w:wendy stroup 3:26:17

Peeps, Cadbury, and Thumper – Found in an Abandoned House with Their Dead Mom

3/29/17 – peeps 3:29:17cadbury 3:29:17thumper 3:29:17Got a call from a nice woman desperate for help. These 3 half pound kittens were found in an abandoned house last night. Their mom was deceased and found lying there beside them. I’m bottle feeding them around the clock. The family reached out for help this morning, and when I got the call I couldn’t say no. So far we have Easter names for 2 of 3. “Peeps” and “Thumper”, but we need a name for the 3rd boy, so if u have suggestions let me know. Gina

Trap/Neuter/Return – Stopping the Overpopulation of Cats

3/29/17 – We were contacted by Safe Haven Rescue who has been trapping and caring for cats. Some are domesticated and get adopted out, others are feral but have a wonderful cat community to live in consisting of outdoor kennels where they can come and go and be safe. We were very happy to pay for ten of these abandoned babies to be fixed and vaccinated. Check out the diagram that I’ve included to learn what a difference we can make by just neutering/spaying 10 cats. A donation of $40 – $50 can ensure that hundreds of animals will not be born to the unfriendly streets. There’s not too many ways we can do so much with so little. ~ dianaferal cats w:sherry warren 3:23:17bac59b74ee50847e19293c9f5ed5f67f

Smokey – Happy Update – After Entropion Surgery He is Loving Life

3/28/17 – Happy Update! Smokey showed up in a cat community but was not feral. His eyes were very irritated and nearly closed; he was very emaciated. This very sweet guy had obviously been someone’s pet at one time and either was lost or dumped. We were contacted to help this sweetheart and discovered he had entropion which is a condition where the eyelid is inverted. This was the first time in six years, I have ever helped a cat with entropion, we have had several dogs over the years who we have successfully helped. Smokey had surgery and here he is today, all healed, and much loved in his forever home. ~ dianasmokey w:cindy fontana 3:18:17 (aka valentino)smokey w:cindy fontana 2:14:17

Lucy, Desi, Wild Child – Bonded Feral Cats Will No Longer Reproduce

3/27/17 – Three more cats who will no longer reproduce because of the 4 Paws 1 Heart Village. This is Lucy, Desi, and Wild Child; all ferals who will be neutered/spayed, treated for fleas and worms, and vaccinated before they are returned to the outdoors. All three are very bonded and have obviously been together fending for each other for awhile. As happy as we are to stop the over population of unwanted animals, it continues to break our hearts when they have to be returned to the outdoors because they are too feral to live indoors. What keeps us going is knowing that hundreds of unwanted cats will not be on the streets because of the love of many animal advocates. Please take action if you know of any cats in your neighborhood who may need medical attention. Thanks, diana lucy w:rachel 3:27:17desi w:rachel 3:27:17wild child w:rachel 3:27:17