Teddy – RIP – Humans Failed You

4/20/17 – RIP Sweet Teddy. We received an e mail on 4/18/17 from someone who had been trying for days to get help for 3 cats who had taken up residence in her garage. One of the 3 was very, very sick. Thankfully, our friends Rachel Gerstner and Kelly Hook jumped into action and Kelly was able to get Teddy yesterday and the caring staff of Patterson Veterinary Hospital made room to see Teddy. Unfortunately, our little guy was too far gone. He was FIV positive which meant his immune system could not protect him from the ravages of an upper respiratory infection which was the worst that the doctor has seen. He had difficulty breathing and the doctor thought he would die during his examination. With the doctor’s recommendation, we all decided to put Teddy out of his pain and suffering. He is now running free with the many fur friends who have gone before us. God’s speed, sweet boy. ~ dianateddy 4:19:17

Tacoma – A Senior Dog Found on the Side of the Road with an Open Wound on Her Leg

4/20/17 – I received a call from one of our friends who has also been protesting at the Michigan Anti Cruelty facility and intercepting animals who were being brought to their death. This very sweet dog was lying on the side of the road and it appeared she had been hit by a car. We immediately authorized Tacoma to be taken to the hospital. It turned out that she is a elderly dog with injuries that were old and no longer treatable. She did receive antibiotics and pain meds. She had an open wound that needs time to heal. Tacoma is safe and will be with the rescue Safe and Sound as soon as they can find a foster. ~ dianatacoma w:harrygordon

Oscar – Prayers Needed for This Very Sick Little Boy

4/18/17 – Prayers needed for this very sweet boy who has been through a lot in his short life. This is Oscar. A friend who we often work with on trap/neuter/return, contacted us because Oscar just couldn’t seem to get rid of an upper respiratory infection. Oscar was rescued in an abandoned home during the brutal month of January. He had such a severe upper respiratory infection that he couldn’t open his eyes. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten better so he again went to the doctor who found that Oscar was diabetic and had bronchitis. The doctor recommended that an MRI be done to determine why there was a continuing issue. 4 Paws 1 Heart was again contacted and we authorized a visit to one of our favorite doctors at The Kitty Clinic. The doctor took x rays and found that Oscar has a mass in his abdomen and is concerned about his heart. The doctor recommended that Oscar see a specialist for more tests. These tests are very expensive and at this time we are trying to determine the best next steps. ~ dianaoscar w:kelly hook 11:4:17riley 3:31:17

Mickey – Found Drinking From a Puddle Near a Cemetery – Update

4/21/17 – Mickey was found near a local cemetery on a cold January day drinking water from a puddle.  Fortunately, a good samaritan rescued him but could not find his owner.  She contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart and Mickey was taken to a vet.  It was thought he had cherry eye.  What he had, was Entropion of the eye which required surgery.  He was also found to be heart worm positive.  Today he goes to the vet to get his last treatment and then he will be able to be neutered and on his way to finding his forever home.  mickey w:foster brother w:shayla westonHere he is in the back seat looking at his foster buddy.  Everyone at Five Mile Animal Hospital has fallen in love with this very sweet boy.  ~ diana