Feral Cats – Everyone Can Make A Difference

4/4/17 – Please, please, please open your hearts and your homes to the abandoned, stray, and abused. There are so many innocent animals, especially, cats who need loving homes. If you can’t make a forever commitment, maybe you could foster for one of the many rescues we work with — this is your chance to make a difference. Here is what happens when cats are dumped on the streets without being neutered/spayed. The female can have a litter 3 times a year. A litter can be as many as 9 babies. 4 months after the babies are born, they can go on to have more babies. Talk about babies having babies. 4 Paws 1 Heart has assisted many individuals over the past 6 years in their attempts to stop the overpopulation and carnage — and YES, I said carnage, because so many of these innocents wind up dead on the streets. Drivers hit them, people torture them, or they just die from the brutality of living on the streets. 4 Paws 1 Heart is currently assisting with this group of 30 cats who are being brought into All About Animals during this month of free spaying and neutering. We are assisting with upper respiratory infections and other medical issues. Please share and educate. And, as you can see, the kind people who care for community cats are always in need of food. If you come to any of our fundraisers, please bring cat food and we will make sure it will be used for community cats. ~ dianaferal detroit cats 4:4:17feral cats:detroit 4:417

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