Minnie – Hit by a Car, Pregnant, Brought to a Veterinary by a Good Samaritan

I received a call from the great people at Patterson Veterinary Hospitalasking if we could help with this very sweet, pregnant cat who had been hit by a car. I offered to pay medical and suggested they contact Happy Tails. The good news is that after a few days in the hospital, this sweetie is with Happy Tails in a foster home and hopefully on her way to a successful delivery and a happy life. ~ diana

“Welcome Minnie!

A good Samaritan brought her to Patterson Vet after finding her hit by a car. She seems to have only minor scrapes but it was discovered that she’s also pregnant.

THANK YOU to the Drs and staff at Patterson for taking care of her and THANK YOU to 4Paws1Heart for paying for her medical!!

Send prayers for her as she really doesn’t want to eat but we’re hoping that now that she’s in a foster home she’ll feel better. – Happy Tails SCS”

 minnie 4:15:17
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