7/20/22 – Meet Zero. Jenny’s husband was doing a delivery and found a dog who looked like he was just hit by a car and who was very emaciated. He brought the dog home and Zero immediately started to get along with their resident pup. Zero was taken to the couple’s family vet who found that Zero had a broken pelvis and a torn ACL. This wonderful couple had already invested a considerable amount of money for this stray animal and, before contacting us, contacted a vet recommended by their veterinarian to determine the cost of treatment. That is when they contacted us for some help.

I immediately contacted one of our favorite veterinary partners, Patterson Veterinary Hospital, and Zero was seen the next day. Dr. Lynch determined that she could perform Femoral Head Osteotomy surgery (surgery to restore pain-free mobility to a damaged hip by removing the head and neck of the femur which eliminates the bone-on-bone contact of the hip). The pelvis will typically heal with crate rest. Zero will be seen again on July 28 to determine the level of healing and to schedule the surgery. At this time, the doctor saw no need for ACL surgery.

We will continue to update on Zero. There are so many animals needing our prayers so tonight when you’re saying your prayers and asking God to watch over those you love, please remember the many fur orphans who are wandering and too often dying on our streets. If not for our community, who then?? – diana.

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