1/3/22 – Cedar is an exotic short hair who was rescued in mid-December from a breeder at 14 weeks old. He was hospitalized with Pyothorax which occurs when pus or inflammatory fluids collect in the space around the lungs causing fever, anorexia, lethargy, and difficulty breathing. It is the result of infection around the lungs caused by wounds either internally or externally, migrating foreign bodies, or lung infection.

We were contacted by Kittens in the Mittens Rescue, who we’ve assisted before, because Cedar had been admitted to an emergency hospital. At the time, we could only help with a fraction of what the total bill was estimated at but glad we could help with something. I checked on Cedar yesterday and was told that he is doing well after spending a week in the hospital. He will be having a follow up exam next week. Anyone interested in this little cutie should contact Kittens in the Mittens Rescue; they do great work in our communities. – Diana

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